Understanding how transport defines us by shaping our behaviour, beliefs and perceptions

Transport infuses our culture in a myriad ways: our interaction with transport influences our behaviour (think of how we act on the Underground), our beliefs, our expectations and desires ("Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?"). It has been absorbed into our language: people run on empty and burn rubber.

Transport also helps to define our world: in obvious ways, such as through the presence of infrastructure, and in subtler ways - it is often possible to identify a place through the typography of its street signs.

And transport is everywhere in the arts - from the train as agent of death in Anna Karenina to the extensive representation of the car in film as a source of freedom, means of escape, symbol of power…

Looking for an expert on transport and culture? Try Iain Borden or Richard Dennis


Case study: cars and driving as seen through film

The book by Iain Borden, Drive: Journeys through Film, Cities and Landscapes, provides fresh insights into the world of driving.