Research Snapshots

Have a look at examples from the range of transport research across UCL.

London minicab routes and flows

link to 4 map visualizations

minicap data visualization

Adaptable suburbs

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walking routes in the suburbs

Oyster card data

(1 animation)

Oliver O'Brien, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

This animation shows Oyster card touch-ins and touch-outs at Underground and National Rail Stations across London. As the proportion changes from mainly touch-ins to touch-outs, the colours of the circles changes from red to green. (Contains mapping data licensed under Creative Commons: CC-By-SA OpenStreetMap and contributors.)

London cycle hire

(link to 2 animations)

cyclehire animation screen grab

Public transport

(1 animation)

Dr Joan Serras, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

This animation shows train, coach, metro (tram and tube), ferry and air trips for England, Scotland and Wales over a typical weekday in 2009. Generated using OpenGL

Pedestrian Accessibility Movement Environment Laboratory or PAMELA

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PAMELA is a full-scale laboratory for assessing pedestrian movement. Constructed between 2003 and 2006, the PAMELA laboratory is a novel and highly flexible facility allowing test pedestrian infrastructure to be built and tested. Link to overview of PAMELA.

Number plate recognition data & journey time

Blackwell Tunnel

Blackwall Tunnel image by Nico Hogg under creative commons license

Capturing number plate data at suitable entry and exit boundary points, we can estimate the travel time of a vehicle from the time that elapses between when it enters and leaves the boundary. Researcher Professor Ben Heydecker used number plate recognition from the Blackwall Tunnel to study this kind of 'big data' and learn more about ways of filtering it.

link to overview of Blackwall Tunnel research