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The articles in this blog will focus on the main barriers to translational research and how to overcome these.

Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Increase levels of Self-Compassion in Patients with Depression

Dr John King and Professor Chris Brewin have recently gained an NIHR i4i Mental Health Challenge Award (an award to develop an innovative technological solution to which will improve the care pathway and outcomes of patients experiencing mental ill-health) for their translational research project, “Treating depression with self-compassion in virtual reality”. In this interview, they discuss the motivation behind their work and provide an overview of the project which they will be starting this autumn.

Early Small Molecule Research: Following Industry Standards to Advance Drug Discovery

Motivated by an unmet medical need, you’ve identified a mechanism that may play a fundamental role in a medical condition that is currently poorly treated. You want to look at possible drug molecules that could modulate the mechanism to see how it might affect this condition – but how do you take this from an idea to a promising starting point for a new drug treatment?

Breaking Down Barriers in Translational Research

Welcome to the UCL Translational Research Office (TRO) Blog!

The articles in this blog will focus on the main challenges in or barriers to translational research – and how to overcome these in order to achieve successful translation into benefits for patients.

We will also be talking to some of the PI’s working on translational projects with the support of the UCL TRO, to demonstrate the scope of translational work taking place at University College London.



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