Translational Research Office (TRO)



DDG offers help with the hit-to-lead process.

Examples include:

  • Advise on designing screening cascades (biochemistry and cell based) for drug discovery projects and help optimise those assays or source CROs capable of generating them.
  • Access compound databases and advise on purchase of compounds from reliable suppliers.
  • Capability to carry out parallel synthesis suitable for the rapid preparation of analogues for hit expansion. We have a fully equipped organic synthesis lab in School of Pharmacy and have the capability to synthesise and purify compounds on a milligram to gram scale. 
  • Contacts with contract research organisations who can synthesize analogues. We have managed out-sourced contract work when required throughput is larger than we can handle. This has included synthesis of compounds for patent exemplification and hit expansion following initial screening hits. We use UK-based CROs with whom we have established a good working relationship.
  • Collected in vitro and in vivo DMPK data and receptor and enzyme profiling data, through established links with several companies. The data collected has support funding applications for a number of projects.

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Real-time video of Combi adding 10µl reagent / well to a 384 well plate