Translational Research Office (TRO)


Drug Discovery Group (DDG)

The Drug Discovery Group (DDG) exists as a fully integrated part of a PI-lead drug discovery project team, to help UCL researchers bridge the gap between biological insight and clinical testing.

Established in 2012, the Drug Discovery Group (DDG) is based at UCL School of Pharmacy and is composed of scientists with experience in pharma, biotech and academic drug discovery. 

The role of the group is to provide theoretical and practical drug discovery expertise to support the progression of projects and contribute to the development of a successful pipeline within UCL.

A primary aim of the DDG is to 'pump-prime' projects via the provision of medicinal chemistry and bioassay support; such that projects are then suitable for major external grant funding, involving the DDG as a collaborator. The group also acts as a conduit to industry partners and CROs, enabling access to compound libraries and assay tools.

Learn how the UCL DDG can help along each part of the early stage drug discovery process: