Drug Discovery Group

In response to its growing database of early-stage drug discovery programmes and opportunities, UCL is investing in expertise to implement a strategic plan to integrate and strengthen its drug discovery capabilities, especially in dedicated medicinal chemistry.

As part of this wider Drug Discovery initiative, the TRO, in partnership with the School of Pharmacy, has established a core medicinal chemistry facility. Populated by experienced, industry-background medicinal chemists, the group is based in the School of Pharmacy’s established laboratories.

Complementary to medicinal chemistry and chemical biology research in the School of Pharmacy, the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research and the Department of Chemistry, the role of the group is to provide theoretical and practical medicinal chemistry expertise to support the progression of selected UCL projects and to contribute to the development of a pipeline of successful programmes.

Expertise and resources offered by the group include:
· Target tractability assessment
· Development of project and medicinal chemistry strategies  
   o Screening strategies    
   o Hit discovery and validation   
   o Hit to Lead  
   o Lead Optimisation
· Compound design and synthesis
· Access to external contract company resources
· Advice on grant applications

For further details or to discuss possible project collaborations, please contact Dr Richard Angell (r.angell@ucl.ac.uk), who leads the group.

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