What can we do for you?

The members of the TRO aim to provide practical help to investigators wishing to explore the translational pathway for their idea/project, to negotiate the hurdles and barriers that are inevitably faced in order to speed the development of ideas to health benefit.

In particular we provide:

  • Assistance with Funding Applications

    • Establish a critical path, milestones, deliverables, timelines
    • Assist with conveying unmet medical need and competitiveness
    • Assist with preclinical or clinical project planning and costing
    • Liaise with UCLB and the Joint R&D Support Unit
  • Advice on

    • Availability/Access to platform technologies
    • Biomarker development (discovery, validation and qualification)
    • Drug discovery and medicinal chemistry
    • Access to regulatory guidance
    • Access to health economics guidance
  • Project Management

    • Keep project on track (ensure budget and timelines are adhered to)
    • Ensure good communication links between project team (including external vendors)
    • Ensure timely IP filing through UCLB and risk management
    • Identify and manage outsourced contractors
    • Fulfill reporting requirements from funding bodies
  • Internal networking

    • Links between scientists and engineers
    • Links between scientists and clinicians
    • Links to the Joint R&D Support Unit
    • Links to UCLB for business management
  • External Networking (in collaboration with UCLB)

    • Identifying projects that match industry needs
    • Identifying collaborative industrial partners
    • Matching industrial need with academic capability
    • Matching industrial need with clinical capability

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