Transforming UCL


Art competition winner unveiled on Gordon Street

10 June 2015

Transformations Competition Hoardings

The winning entry for the Transformations Competition has been unveiled on Gordon Street. Competition winner Bernadette Devilat, impressed the panel of judges to win the Gordon Street Art Competition with her beautiful computer generated images taken from her detailed research PhD.


Using 3D Laser Scanning to capture an area devastated by the 2005 earthquake in Chile, Bernadette visited San Lorenzo de Tarapacá and over a three day period captured the 3D data of that place combining laser measurements and photographs, to build a colour and accurate 3D point cloud of its current state in a short period of time. The same methodology was used by her to record two other historic areas affected by the 2010 earthquake in Chile in Zúñiga and Lolol.

Her beautiful computer generated images create a poignant reminder of the scale of devastation, but her research also focuses on the rebuilding effort and the need to capture and preserve heritage buildings.

Her winning entry for the competition can be seen on the hoardings which surround the Construction Welfare Building adjacent to the Bloomsbury Theatre, which are the home for many of our construction teams who are helping to transforming the campus.

Read more about Bernadette Devilat, and her Bartlett School of Architecture PhD research: 'Exploring Alternatives for Heritage Areas after Earthquakes in Chile' and view the 3D animation fly-over on the Transformations Competition Winner page.