Transforming UCL


Here East

UCL has taken a 20 year lease out on 32,206sq ft of space (which equates to approximately 38 badminton courts) in the Olympic Park’s former Broadcasting Centre now known as Here East. It will represent the first UCL presence on the Olympic Park, ahead of the proposed UCL East development.

Here East will enable UCL to provide new teaching activities, programmes and courses. The facility will provide a large working space, enabling various academic groups to expand in those areas of teaching and research previously constrained on the Bloomsbury campus due to a lack of suitable space.

This includes a robot hall and ‘make-space’ capable of allowing work on full scale components from the aviation and construction industries. Students will also be able to make use of individual research labs and studio space, and an innovative 'collabarotorium' auditorium capable of seating up to 280 people.

The facility is approximately 100 metres in length from the entrance to the back of the building. The floor to ceiling height stands at 10 metres which is crucial given the activities that will be taking place inside.

The space will be used to develop a centre for cross-disciplinary research and teaching for the following academic groups:

  • Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (CEGE)
  • Computer Science and Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC)
  • The Bartlett School of Architecture (BSA)
  • The Institute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH)
  • The Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)

The Bartlett School of Architecture has already launched four new programmes which will be delivered jointly at Here East and 22 Gordon Street, these are:

  • MEng Engineering and Architectural Design (four year course)
  • MSc Design for Performance and Interaction (15 month course)
  • MSc Situated Practice (15 month course)
  • MSc Design for Manufacture (15 month course)


  • Completion - April 2017
  • New courses to begin in the 2017/18 academic year - September 2017


You can contact the project team via email. Please include HERE EAST in the subject headline and send your email to estates-news@ucl.ac.uk.