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Professional Services Hub FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Professional Services Hub

Where will the Professional Services Hub be located?

The PS Hub is located at 1 St Martin’s Le Grand (1SMLG), near St Paul’s Cathedral, until 2022 when the lease will expire. We will explore a number of long-term location options in London and beyond closer to this date.

Will there be any changes to the management structure of teams involved in Tranche 1?

No, not initially. The management structure and reporting lines will remain as they are today. The PS Hub Director will work in collaboration with the relevant directors of professional services and their staff to define and agree how the Hub will operate in the future.

How can we ensure that service quality is not reduced during the process of moving to a Professional Services Hub? 

Before any further moves to the PS Hub we will assess the impact of the move for teams and implement appropriate mitigations. We will look at ways to address the significant ‘pain points’ identified during the TOPS service design phase or any that have surfaced since these discussions were held.

How does the Professional Services Hub fit within the rest of professional services at UCL?

The PS Hub is one of the ways through which professional services will be delivered and improved. Self-service options will be enhanced and expanded, there will be an extension of business partnering (which we are already seeing being put in place) and a new governance framework will be implemented. Once implemented, all these components will support a new approach to delivering professional services for UCL.

Are faculty based services in scope for the Professional Services Hub?

Services in scope for the PS Hub are those currently being delivered by central professional services. Activities performed within schools, faculties, department/divisions and institutes are not part of the planned Hub.

What impact will this have on my career development opportunities?

New career pathways will be developed for all PS divisions and the PS Hub and colleagues will be able to move between departments and faculties, PS divisions and the Hub in a more supported and facilitated way.

I’ve heard that 1SMLG was already full. Is there capacity for the PS Hub?

Planning for the PS Hub is being done in conjunction with Agile 3 which will ensure there is space in 1SMLG. Some teams have already moved out of 1SMLG as recent large projects have come to an end and other ISD teams may need to move from 1SMLG to locations within Bloomsbury. This will provide enough space in 1SMLG.

How will impacted teams be involved in the planning for the PS Hub?

We will be setting up a variety of meetings and roundtables to answer your questions and provide you with clarity on the current plan.

Natalie Conway, the PS Hub Director, will meet with each of the teams that are moving to the PS Hub. This will be an opportunity to get colleagues’ views on the approach to the move and how the hub will operate in the longer term. 

My fares will increase as part of the move and my travel times – will I receive any additional costs to compensate?

As part of the transition to 1 St Martins Le Grand, UCL has agreed to pay the additional travel costs that staff may incur as a result of the move for a period of 3 months after their move.

Claim eligibility:

  • Staff will only be able to claim for legitimate extra travel costs arising from their move to 1SMLG. Staff are expected to seek the most cost-effective approach for their mode of travel i.e. weekly/monthly/season (if available) rather than booking single daily tickets.
  • Only additional costs incurred for public transport and the congestion charge will be covered by UCL.
  • If you already pay to travel within Zone 1 to Bloomsbury (using a Travelcard or Oyster card) you will not incur any additional costs travelling to 1SMLG and therefore cannot make an additional claim.
  • All employed staff of all grades can claim. Contract and agency staff cannot claim.
  • Claims will be made through the expenses process. All claims have to be supported by receipts. Please refer to the expenses claim procedure for more information

Further details will be provided as part of each team’s transition to the Hub. 

What happens if I need to travel between 1SMLG and main campus? Will I be reimbursed?

Yes. If you register your Oyster card, you are able to view and print your journey history for up to the last eight weeks. This can be used to claim travel expenses.

What happens if I have family arrangements e.g. childcare? 

By building in a lengthy lead time before any changes are introduced, the aim is to provide colleagues with plenty of time to consider any alternative arrangements if current ones are unsuitable, these should be discussed at the earliest opportunity with your manager.

What’s the planned timetable for future services moving in to the Hub?

The immediate focus is on Tranche 1 services moving in to the Hub. In parallel to this the planning for future development of the Hub, including migration of other services, will begin.

What ‘pain point’ work will be completed prior to moving to 1SMLG?

Our priority will be to ensure that the move to the Hub does not adversely impact any team’s ability to deliver services. We are looking closely at what improvements can be made before moving to the PS Hub.

How much information on future tranches of the PS Hub is going to be communicated?

Detailed planning and communication initially focussed on the services moving into the PS Hub in February 2019. Planning for future developments of the PS Hub including integration of teams, process improvements and inclusion of different services are underway.

Will there be any redundancies as a result of the Tranche 1 services moving to the PS Hub in 1SMLG?

No jobs are at risk of redundancy.

What happens if the PS Hub is moved outside London in future?

No decision has been made on the long term future of the PS Hub location.

Is the PS Hub part of UCL or is my role being outsourced?

The PS Hub is part of UCL. There are no plans to outsource any part of professional services that are moving into the Hub.

Will my role change?

Roles are not expected to change in a substantive way as part of the first iteration of the PS Hub. Any future changes in roles will be discussed with colleagues in advance.

I haven’t been to St Martin’s Le Grand. What is it like? 

St Martins Le Grand (1SMLG) is a recently refurbished modern open plan office located very close to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has excellent transport links.  At present it is currently being used primarily by ISD colleagues.

Seven visits to 1SMLG took place between July and September 2018, with over 65 colleagues attending. There will be further opportunities to visit 1SMLG nearer to the time of each team’s move. However please contact the TOPS team if you would like to arrange a visit in advance of this.

How do I provide feedback on the PS Hub? 

Feedback can be provided in the following ways:

  • by email to the PS Hub team at pshub@ucl.ac.uk,
  • by speaking with your manager.
As part of the PS Hub will I be asked to work across different professional service areas?

In the first version of the PS Hub, teams will continue to deliver services in the way that they do currently. PS Hub staff will be involved in the development of the PS Hub over time, in order to help us consider where it might be more practical for staff members who are skilled across different functions to perform different tasks. This is likely to be for less complex and more general services where the customer experience will be improved by one person handling multiple elements of a process, for example, staff onboarding which covers elements of HR Services and IT. Equally, we will have Hub staff who are specialist in one service area and who will be able to deal with complex queries and services.

Will I be able to retain my specialism (i.e. HR, Finance, Estates) when we are part of the PS Hub?

The PS Hub will require functional specialists. Future development of the Hub will retain and in cases deepen specialisms within a function for the management of more complex queries or requests. More repeatable and standardised tasks can be handled by other PS Hub colleagues who will become multi-skilled across different functions.