Transforming Our Professional Services


Professional Services Hub

The Professional Service Hub brings together professional services colleagues from across UCL into one location.

What is the PS Hub?

The Professional Services (PS) Hub project is moving a number of key professional services colleagues from across UCL to 1 St Martin’s Le Grand (1SMLG).

By bringing together teams into an integrated unit in a single location, we will be able to improve collaboration and coordination between services, in particular for services and processes that span multiple teams. This will lead to better service quality and enable colleagues to work together more effectively.

The PS Hub is needed to bring together services to:

  • Provide the UCL community with a single point of contact for queries relating to Hub services.
  • Make delivering services easier by co-locating teams who need to interact frequently.
  • Continually improve processes and systems, leading to better service quality and satisfaction.
  • Retain and deepen functional expertise (HR, Finance etc.) while providing new opportunities for PS staff to expand their experience beyond a single service area.
  • Maximise the space on the Bloomsbury estate for academic activities by co-locating services outside of Bloomsbury that do not require frequent face to face interaction with academic staff and students. Teams in the PS Hub will continue to work in close partnership with colleagues in other parts of Professional Services and in academic areas.

How will this help?

Over time the PS Hub will provide the UCL community with a point of contact for cross-institutional services, as well as providing opportunities for PS staff to better develop their own expertise or expand their experience beyond a single service area. 

Teams joining the hub

The following teams have moved to the PS Hub
  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit Control
  • NHS Billing
  • HR Services
  • Payroll
  • HR Systems
  • HR Workforce Reporting & Analytics
  • ISD Helpdesk
  • Switchboard
  • Estates Helpdesk
  • Estates Room Booking 
  • Student Fees
  • Treasury
  • Financial Services Office (FSO) 

Services in scope for the PS Hub are those currently being delivered by central professional services. Activities performed within schools, faculties, department/divisions and institutes are not part of the planned Hub.

Project progress

The PS Hub was successfully launched on Monday 11 March 2019 with the first group of colleagues moving into one location at 1 St Martin Le Grand.

Over 120 colleagues from across professional services, who share common processes and systems, are now working together to improve service quality across the UCL community and provide aligned and customer-focused services.

With teams from different professional services areas working together in one location, there are new opportunities to make connections and share ideas for how to improve our services.

We’ve seen some great improvements in service since the PS Hub launched including:

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