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Change Management

The Change Management team supports teams and projects to plan, implement and successfully embed change at UCL – such as new processes, ways of working, and new technologies and systems.

In today's rapidly changing world and the evolving landscape of Higher Education we must be able to effectively plan and react to changes to the way we work, where we work, and the tools we use.

By working with those leading on projects, providing advice and guidance, and developing tools and resources, Change Managers help to ensure that key stakeholders and impacted staff are both engaged in and understand these changes.

Depending on the scale of a change and the impact it has on the business, the team can provide support through:

  • Change Management assignment: Where a change is considered strategically critical to UCL, large or high risk, Change Managers will partner with project managers/sponsors. They can help identify and understand any impact the change could have on teams or individuals, provide guidance on managing the process, and offer scalable change management activities aligned to the size and scope of the initiative. 
  • Consultancy: Where a change is considered strategically critical to UCL or locally, but can be managed within the project or team, Change Managers can support this by developing bespoke guidance, supporting strategy and planning, and facilitating activities earlier on in the initiative.
  • Self-service: Through the provision of a Change Management Toolkit, we can support and empower local leaders and champions to manage change locally. Designed to align with the key phases of any project, the toolkit includes e-learning, tools and guidance to help plan, implement and embed change. 

Find out more about Change Management at UCL and access the toolkit on SharePoint

Change Management at UCL

By following a structured approach to defining a change and why it’s needed, identifying and gaining the support of impacted groups, clearly communicating, providing training, and ultimately evaluating success, Change Managers can help individuals, teams and organisations through changes.

Change Management has existed within UCL for 14 years, predominantly supporting the community to adopt new technology being introduced by ISD. More recently Change Managers have been supporting the delivery of projects within TOPS. 

In the Spring of 2021, the existing ISD and TOPS Change Management teams were brought together to form a capability to support UCL’s major change initiatives, under the leadership of Julie Bailey – Head of Change Services.

Progress and next steps

The Change Management team have supported the delivery of a range of projects in ISD, TOPS and the wider community including:

Visit the Change Management SharePoint for more about the current initiatives we are supporting.

Change Management Toolkit

The Change Management Toolkit has been designed to align with the key phases of any project and includes e-learning, tools and guidance to help plan, implement and embed change. 

Find the toolkit on SharePoint