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Read about how we’re transforming our professional services through a range of projects

TOPS Transformers and Service Design

The Transformer projects are – in keeping with the long traditions of UCL – truly ambitious. 

For each Transformer, we take a comprehensive view of a service, starting with a thorough investigation of what the UCL community wants and needs and then look at how people, processes and systems can interact to deliver a great service. 

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Finance Transformer

The Finance Transformer Project aims to transform the way in which finance services are delivered across UCL.

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Research and Innovation Support Transformer

The aim of the Research and Innovation Support Transformer is to change the way in which research support and administration is delivered to improve the experience of all users throughout UCL.

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Faculty Futures

The Faculty Futures project will work closely with the Transformer projects to ensure UCL Faculties can contribute to achieving the TOPS Programme objectives. 

TOPS Projects

The TOPS Programme includes a number of projects that are focused on resolving specific issues, improving systems and processes, supporting staff to develop their careers and improving value for money and efficiency. 

Career Frameworks

Career Frameworks provide the key information staff need to plan their careers, their development and their progression in Professional Services across UCL.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice bring together colleagues who work in similar practice areas to learn from each other, share knowledge and expertise and improve their practice

Digital Service Enablement

The Digital Service Enablement project will enable UCL to develop and deliver its own web and phone applications for colleagues and customers.

Identity and Access Services (IAS)

The Identity and Access Services Project aims to improve identity management and access for all UCL services.

Procurement Project

The project aims to ensure that the goods and services we procure continue to meet UCL’s critical requirements, while delivering enhanced value for money.

Professional Services Hub

By bringing together professional services colleagues in one location, the PS Hub will improve service quality as colleagues can more easily solve problems and share best practice. 

Service Catalogue

The Service Catalogue is a tool to support service transformation. The Service Catalogue helps us: build a full picture of what we do and who we do it for; evidence any changes we need to make; and ensure we connect any gaps in services.

Service Partnership Framework

The Service Partnership Framework will implement clear, transparent governance and a shared understanding of who is accountable for delivering what, across all of our professional services.

Staff Recruitment Project

The Staff Recruitment project aims to improve the experience of staff recruitment for hiring managers, colleagues and candidates.

Timetabling & Room Booking

We set up the TOPS Timetabling and Room Booking Project to address issues with the current approach to allocating rooms for teaching sessions (and other activities) across the UCL estate.

UCL Ways of Working

The Ways of Working behavioural framework supports colleagues to be successful and happy at UCL through sharing expectations around how we work.

Unitemps: Temporary worker recruitment

Unitemps is a new UCL owned and run recruitment service. It reduces the administrative burden related to recruiting temporary workers and ensures that UCL’s temporary recruitment process is compliant and efficient.

Completed projects

As the TOPS Programme progresses and projects are delivered, some new functions, processes or systems will move over to be managed by business as usual operations. 

UCL Year Planner

We have developed a high level UCL Year Planner to improve visibility of core professional service activities and timelines across the institution.

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