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TOPS Projects

The current projects within the TOPS programme are:
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Finance Transformer

The Finance Transformer Project aims to transform the way in which finance services are delivered across UCL.

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Research Support Transformer

In order to sustain and advance our position as a world-leading, research-intensive university it is fundamentally important that Research support is delivered effectively.

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Faculty TOPS Project

The aim of the Faculty TOPS Project is to enable UCL faculties to contribute to achieving the TOPS Programme overarching objectives of providing more effective services, more fulfilling careers and greater investment in UCL’s academic mission.  

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Career Frameworks

Career Frameworks provide the key information staff need to plan their careers, their development and their progression in Professional Services across UCL.

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Communities of Practice

The purpose of CoPs at UCL is to unite staff working in similar domains and functions, in order to develop and professionalise individuals and practices

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Professional Services Hub

By bringing together professional services colleagues at SMLG, the PS Hub will improve service quality as like-minded colleagues can more easily solve problems and share best practice. 

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Digital Service Enablement

The Digital Service Enablement project will enable UCL to develop and deliver applications for colleagues and customers.

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Ways of Working

The UCL Ways of Working for professional services is a behavioural framework that supports colleagues to be successful and happy at UCL through sharing expectations around how we work.

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Unitemps: Temporary worker recruitment

Unitemps has been introduced as part of the TOPS programme’s aim to provide more effective services for staff, and greater investment in UCL’s academic mission, through improving value for money in our professional services.

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Procurement Project

The project aims to ensure that the goods and services we procure continue to meet UCL’s critical requirements as well as delivering value for money.

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Staff Recruitment

The Staff Recruitment project has been established to transofrm our current recruitment process and policies ensuring we have the best possible recruitment system for the UCL community.

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Timetabling & Room Booking

We set up the TOPS Timetabling and Room Booking Project (TTRB) to address issues with the current approach to allocating rooms for teaching sessions (and other activities) across the UCL estate.

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UCL Year Planner

We have developed a high level UCL Year Planner to improve visibility of core professional service activities and timelines across the institution.


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