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Unitemps: Helping you to recruit temporary workers

26 February 2020

If you’re looking for temporary staff, Unitemps can help manage the full recruitment process. We hear from Kasia Bronk (Academic Development Consultant, UCL Innovation and Consultancy) about her experience of using Unitemps.

Photo of UCL innovation consultancy team

Unitemps – UCL’s owned and run recruitment service for the placement of temporary workers – has been operating since October 2018. The team have been helping colleagues across the university to improve the efficiency of recruitment processes as well as providing a growing pool of talented temporary workers who represent the excellence and diversity of the university community at large.

Hear how Unitemps is making the recruitment process easier for your colleagues

As well as managing direct bookings through an online, efficient system which ensures UCL adheres to compliance regulations outlined by gov.uk, Unitemps can provide 360 recruitment – managing the full recruitment process from advertising vacancies, to shortlisting and arranging interviews with candidates – at no extra cost.

We spoke with Kasia Bronk, Academic Development Consultant in UCL Innovation and Consultancy about her experience using this service. 

When did you start using Unitemps? 

I started using Unitemps last year, when we needed a talented researcher for special projects. We were able to shortlist four great postgraduate students, and the one successful in the interviews turned out to be an incredible asset to our team.

What kind of roles are you recruiting for?

Our needs are quite atypical, as we are recruiting for research project roles. Successful candidates have to be capable of independent work, with organisational skills, but most importantly, they need qualitative and quantitative skills to carry out and deliver an independent research project.

What has been your experience with Unitemps?

My experience with Unitemps has been very positive so far. The recruitment process is streamlined and easy, and the team is very efficient, organised and helpful. They have helped with every step in the hiring process from advertising the vacancy to assisting with shortlisting, providing support with legal checks, and later on employing a successful candidate. They’ve helped cut down on administration time immensely. 

What do you consider are the main benefits of using Unitemps?

The main benefit to using Unitemps is access to fantastic and talented candidates with versatile skills who are often specialized (or comfortable) in HE. 

Would you recommend Unitemps to other departments?

I would recommend Unitemps to other departments without a shred of doubt!

Attend a drop-in session to hear more about the Unitemps service

Over the next few months, the Unitemps team will be holding a series of drop-in sessions around campus where you can find out more about the service and their pool of over 6,000 candidates who have signed up and are now ready to work for UCL.

The team will be on hand to talk about how the service works as well as answer any questions about who can or can’t be processed by Unitemps, how to register, the benefits of using the online system for both candidates and hiring managers and any other questions you might have. 

Please feel free to drop by and see the team at any of the following times:

  • 4 March – 12 – 2pm – Rockefeller Building, B14A
  • 11 March – 11am – 2pm – Gordon House, 211B
  • 25 March – 11am – 1:30pm – Bidborough House, G11
  • 22 April – 11am – 2pm – Rockefeller Building, B16
  • 6 May – 1pm – 2:30pm – IOE – Bedford Way, 537

If you had any other questions about the service, please get in touch with unitemps@ucl.ac.uk.

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