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We're introducing a new Master Vendor service to manage the recruitment of all temporary staff

9 December 2020

UCL is introducing a new Master Vendor to act as a single point of contact and to provide resourcing services for all temporary / contingent worker assignments from spring 2021

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Following an extensive procurement process involving colleagues from across UCL, we are pleased to announce Advantage xPO has been selected as UCL’s partner in the role of Master Vendor to deliver this service. The Master Vendor will either fulfil our roles directly, or act as the account manager for a preferred supplier list (which UCL controls). Unitemps will continue to provide in-house temporary recruitment for all roles where you may want to recruit UCL students or Alumni, as well as for direct bookings such as guest lecturers. 

Why are we introducing a Master Vendor Framework?

UCL does not currently have a standard process for the hire of temporary workers and data shows that we are using as many as 500 different agencies who are not on our preferred supplier list (PSL). These suppliers are operating under a variety of terms and conditions (not always UCL’s) and varied payment terms and margins. 

For Hiring Managers and Departmental Administrators, the current recruitment approach can be labour intensive due to the need to contact more than one agency, sift through CVs directly and negotiate fees with agencies outside the PSL. The candidate experience is also variable across UCL and there is a lack of visibility of compliance standards being met by all suppliers, which poses a great deal of risk to UCL.

The introduction of the Master Vendor framework will provide UCL with streamlined and competitive pricing, more efficient processes, improved compliance, a single source of data for detailed management information, and improve the recruitment experience for both staff and candidates.

Next Steps

Representatives from all impacted areas in UCL have been nominated as Change Ambassadors to join the project change network team to communicate with and support their colleagues through the changes in the way we recruit temporary / contingent workers. 

Our hiring manager communities have been notified of the upcoming changes and will be kept informed of the projects progress over the coming months. UCL’s Commercial team are working closely with Advantage xPO and liaising with our existing suppliers to onboard them within our new Master Vendor Framework.

The project team will continue to engage and work with the UCL community to design our new processes and system through more discovery workshops and through user testing sessions to ensure the new ways of working are fit for purpose. Opportunities to attend training and drop in sessions will be shared with those impacted by the changes in the new year. 

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