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New Community of Practice: Research Support - Pre-Award Management

25 September 2019

This month we have been setting up the Research Support - Pre-Award Management Community of Practice (CoP).

Image from a CoP set up event

In order to sustain and advance our position as a world-leading, research-intensive university it is fundamentally important to deliver high-quality research support to our researchers and professional services colleagues. 

Setting up CoPs within Research Support is a key part of the Research Support Transformer which aims to change the way in which research support and administration is delivered to improve the experience of all users throughout UCL. CoPs aim to unite professional staff, so that they are more aligned, engaged and empowered. They provide staff with opportunities to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and expertise while working together on self-selected projects. 

CoP Sponsor and plan

Each CoP is supported by a Senior Sponsor. Professor Mark Emberton, Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences will act as the Senior Sponsor of the CoP and will provide the strategic support and link between the community and overall UCL strategy.  

We began workshops to set up the CoP on 12 September and will finish on 26 September. Once the CoP is established they will start working on their self-selected projects, plan for the community launch event and start running best-practice events like Lunch and Learns.

Following engagement with the community we will soon be setting up another CoP in Post-Award Management with further CoPs to be decided soon.

Who should join the Research Support - Pre-Award Management CoP? 

Any colleagues who support the development and submission of research funding proposals are invited to join the Pre-Award Management CoP. The activities this might cover include: 

  • identifying funding opportunities and partners; 
  • facilitating and supporting the development of ideas and collaborations; 
  • grant writing support and feedback; 
  • funder and UCL compliance; 
  • the financial, legal and ethical aspects of proposal development;
  • and award acceptance and set-up. 

If you’re involved in delivering these services directly, or you represent a wider team and are keen to contribute to the development and delivery of pre-award research services then this is the CoP for you! 

To join, or for any further questions, get in touch with Daniela Bultoc, Head of Communities of Practice. 

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