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New project to improve identity and access management

27 November 2019

The Identity and Access Services Project aims to make it easier for staff and students to access UCL services as well as to improve the way these permissions are managed.

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Through simplifying or automating processes, the Identity and Access Services (IAS) Project aims to:

  • Make it easier for all UCL staff and students to request and gain access to key UCL systems.
  • Make it easier for resource owners to manage access.
  • Deliver improved security assurance through better access to data and tools to help control permissions.

Over the years, our core identity and access services have grown organically around business services rather than being built around the needs of the UCL community. This has led to the services becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage.

Whether you are accessing a service or application, requesting access to it or are the one granting access and managing permissions, the IAS project is tackling key challenges to deliver benefits for the whole UCL community. These will include:

  • Improved management information and planning capabilities.
  • The ability to report on how many identities are currently allowed to access resources (space, people, licensing and other resource planning).
  • Compliance with GDPR and ISO27001. 
  • Access policies to enforce user access security and regulatory compliance.
  • The capability to report on access on a per service, per group and per individual basis.

What’s next?

Four services have been identified to be piloted on the new platform early next year:

Once the platform is implemented and the pilot completed we aim to migrate all UCL services to the new IAS platform. This will be done incrementally and will likely take a few years before all have been migrated.

More about the IAS Project

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