Towers Lab


BSc and MSc Teaching

Talking about science to students, or teaching, is a crucial part of scientific career development. Learning to pitch your work at the right level and crowd sourcing critical feedback from a smart audience is excellent preparation for presenting at meetings. Most of our post docs teach and find it very rewarding. As a lab we have benefited greatly from the talented students that join our lab, for projects or PhDs, after hearing about our work in lectures.

Prof Greg Towers

Prof Greg Towers
I run the Molecular Virology module with Dr Clare Jolly and Prof Richard Milne. We recruit the best virology investigators and get them to present their research programme to the students in the context of over-arching themes of current virology. I also host BSc and MSc project students in my lab each year, teach manuscript evaluation and how to present science in the BSc infectious agents module and teach a lecture to MSc students at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on our work.


Dr Doug Fink

I am a doctor and I mentor and teach medical students and clinical trainees at all levels. At UCL I am a tutor for the 1st year MBBS infection and defence module, the MSc Infection and Immunity students taking the Microbial Pathogenesis and the HIV frontiers module, and the 3rd year Molecular Virology module coverig treatment of viral infections including SARS-CoV-2. Beyond UCL, I lecture on the PassPACES MRCP course and I am a clinical tutor on the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine East African Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.



Dr Rob Lever

Dr Rob Lever
I annually lecture the 2nd year undergraduate biological science students on Malaria and have given MSc lectures on the Tropical Microbiology course on Malaria and Tropical Gut Pathogens.

Dr Lucy Thorne

I am a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow working on viruses and their relationship with innate immune defences. I teach about Norovirus, and assess presentations in the 3rd year Viruses and Disease module and also lecture on Ebola in the 2nd year Infection module.