UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks


Why join the Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs)?

With partnerships being key to biomedical translational success, the UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) promote a multidisciplinary approach to accelerate translation.

The TINs provide a platform for academic excellence and industry partners to collaborate and combine with a close relationship with patients and clinicians, all aimed to address the most pressing patient, hospital and societal needs. 

So what's in it for you as a researcher or industry partner? The benefits of joining one or more of the UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks include:

Sharing expertise with access to:

  • Knowledge to overcome translational obstacles 
  • Coordinated professional know-how
  • Tailored support

Optimise pathways:

  • Education and training
  • Identify strategic opportunities 
  • Access industry partners

Access to flexible agile funding:

  • Early proof-of-concept funds
  • Funding to support generation of pilot data

Join the TINsIf you are from Industry and you are interested in joining the TINs and exploring potential research collaboration opportunities, please contact us