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C&G TIN Seminar: G(&)T Without the Headache - Making Gene Therapy Manageable

13 October 2020, 12:30 pm–2:00 pm

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This Cell & Gene Therapy TIN event hosted by COVANCE, will cover considerations for nonclinical development of viral vectored gene therapies.

This event is free.

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Alina Shrourou – UCL Translational Research Office


United Kingdom

The field of gene therapies has had a bumpy journey. However, it is now an area that is evolving quickly and proving to be a therapy area that can make a real difference to patients’ lives, who currently have no suitable cures or treatments available. This event organised in collaboration with COVANCE will cover the fundamental considerations for the nonclinical development of viral vectored gene therapies.

Dr Robert Evans (Associate Drug Development Leader, COVANCE), Dr Bruce Hamilton (Drug Development Leader, COVANCE), Dr Keith McLuckie (Associate Drug Development Leader, COVANCE) and Jenny Pope (Senior Business Development Director, COVANCE) will guide you through the pivotal GLP toxicology and biodistribution studies, which are crucial for progressing gene therapy candidates in to the clinical setting.

There will be also the opportunity to hear an academic’s perspective’ on the process as Prof. Stephanie Schorge (SoP, UCL) and Prof. Paul Gissen (Dept of Genetics & Genomic Medicine, UCL) will describe practical steps which could make the process more manageable.

The nonclinical development of viral vectored gene therapies is not a one size fits all approach. There are key considerations necessary when planning the non-clinical development, which will shape the nonclinical strategy. Planning the pivotal GLP programme early helps avoid any technical, logistical and timeline headaches.

This event is ideal for individuals involved in the early development stages of viral vectored gene therapies, whose progression to the regulatory nonclinical programme is on the horizon.