Teaching & Learning


Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Teaching methods & approaches

A list of links to internal and external resources to help you develop teaching methods and approaches to see how they might work for you.


Connected Curriculum

Our framework for resarch-based education at UCL. Explore the six dimensions and get tips and advice on how to further enhance your programmes of study.  

Digital Education: tools

There are a wide range of digital tools available for you to use at UCL and there is a dedicated team to support you in implementing them successfully.

Distance Learning

An increasing number of UCL courses are fully online distance learning, or mostly-online 'blended learning' (where students might come for compressed teaching). With recent technological developments, reaching out to a truly global audience has become ever more possible for credit-bearing programmes or the growing field of life learning (CPD, short courses etc).

Object-based learning

Using objects in teaching not only helps students to understand their subject but also develops academic and transferable skills such as team work and communication, analytical research skills, practical observation and drawing skills. It can also trigger innovative dissertation topics. This link takes you to the Object-based learning section on the UCL Culture website.


Active learning toolkit

Active learning is an approach based on activities that encourage students to take an active, engaged part in the learning process.

Inclusive teaching toolkit

Inclusive teaching enables all students, whatever their circumstances, to enjoy the fullest possible learning experience and to achieve their potential by not advantaging or disadvantaging some students over others.

Large group teaching toolkit

Large group teaching involves class sizes of 25 or more students, often in a big lecture hall setting. However, one teacher’s definition of a ‘large’ group may be very different from another’s.

Small group teaching toolkit

Small group teaching is discussion- or activity-based that relies heavily on the interaction of the students as opposed to a one-way presentation of material to be learned (the traditional lecture).