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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Student engagement & support

As well as providing academic support, there are plenty of ways to enhance our students’ learning experience.

Employability: A guide for personal tutors

This guide gives an overview of the ways staff can assist students with their employability and the ways in which UCL Careers can support this.

Exams guide for students

UCL staff have developed an online guide for students to help them perform their best on the day and get the best possible results. It includes tips, advice, handy apps and other resources.

Mental health: e-learning package for staff

This free online tool, developed by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, has six easy-to-follow online sessions designed to give non-specialist staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer a first line of support to students who may have mental health issues.

Peer-assisted learning: the UCL Transition Programme

PAL (peer-assisted learning) is a student-to-student support network for both academic and personal development. Volunteer second-year students are trained and paid to help students on the same course in the following year. These trained student PAL leaders meet regularly with small groups of students in the year below to help them improve their understanding of the subject matter, work through common problems and further develop their learning strategies.

Personal and professional development (PPD) framework

A useful list of resources for all UCL students broken down by the key areas they will encounter and need to develop along their learning journey.

Personal tutoring at UCL

Every UCL student has access to a range of support to maximise the outcomes of their time learning with us including a personal tutor.

PhD Diaries

These diaries act as a useful resource to help PhD supervisors discuss and find solutions to various scenarios. They present experiences for students, supervisors and examiners involved in the PhD process and each comes with a list of questions to help guide supervisors through the problem-solving process.

Student Academic Representatives: StARs

StARs (Student Academic Representatives) are appointed to represent students’ views to UCL. A full list of StARs can be found on the UCLU website.

UCL Global Citizenship Programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme is a special feature of the UCLyear; for two weeks after summer exams have finished, we provide a range of opportunities to help UCL students boost their studies, enhance their future and make an impact on the world.

UCL ChangeMakers

A UCL ChangeMakers project gives you the opportunity to get student input into an educational enhancement project – resulting in project outcomes that should better meet student needs. Along the way, you enable the students to take responsibility for the student learning experience, develop a range of skills and undergo transformational learning.

UCL Living Lab

The UCL Living Lab gives staff and students the opportunity to use the university campus and operations as a focus for research or study.

UCL Writing Lab

The UCL Writing Lab is a free service designed to enhance students' academic writing and research skills.

Academic writing toolkit

In most subjects, academic writing is the biggest factor determining a student’s degree classification. Nothing affects a student’s academic prospects more than their ability to write well.

Research supervision toolkit

A supervisor acts as a guide, mentor, source of information and facilitator to research students as they progress through their project. Every research supervision will be unique and will vary depending on the circumstances of the student, the research they plan to do, and the relationship between you and the student.

Student engagement templates & guides

Templates for staff to use which are designed to link to a wider institutional campaign on how student views and ideas are shaping education at UCL and guides providing an introduction to student engagement at UCL as well as more detailed information on specific topics and ideas.