Teaching & Learning


Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Professional development

Familiarise yourself with ways to regularly evaluate your teaching.

Organisational development

In addition to our courses and workshops, UCL Human Resources have developed a small number of information packages and learning resources to assist staff with their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

UCL Arena

UCL Arena is UCL’s professional development pathway for teaching. Colleagues who teach, supervise, assess or support students’ learning, in any role, can gain recognition for their teaching with a UCL Arena fellowship. You will also become a part of the UCL Arena community, made up of over 3,000 colleagues, through a programme of events to enable you to share your teaching approaches and hear from others.

The Peer Dialogue scheme is open to all staff who teach and/or support students’ learning at UCL. Its aim is to inspire you to develop your teaching and your students’ learning, by working closely with colleagues. It enables you either to continue the established UCL tradition of engaging each year in a peer observation of a taught session, or to focus on developing another aspect of practice, such as feedback on assessment or development of resources. Both options invite you to engage in a constructive discussion with colleagues about enhancing student learning and/or the wider student experience in your subject.

Researching your teaching practice 

Pedagogic research allows educators to examine their own practice, reflect on successes and challenges, and share experiences so others can learn from this, improving education more widely.

Evaluating your teaching: toolkit

Evaluating your teaching is the process of considering how well your teaching has gone and how to improve it in future. This is normally done to allow you to enhance your practice but it is also important for career progression.

Introduction to pedagogic research 

Pedagogic research, also known as the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), or education enquiry, is an established field of academic discourse involving carefully investigating your teaching practice and in turn developing the curriculum. It requires a systematic and evidence-based study of student learning, often through a small-scale research project engaging students.