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Revised timetable for Exam Boards and associated activities, 2020

The timetable for exchange of marks and Exam Board decisions has been revised in response to coronavirus (Covid-19) mitigations.

Last updated: 2 June 2020

The timetable for exchange of marks and Exam Board decisions has been revised in response to coronavirus (Covid-19) mitigations. The adjusted timeframes aim to get results to students results as soon as possible while creating more time for marking.

Revisions to the previously published Exam Board dates and the timeline of associated activities were approved by the Exams and Assessments Contingency Panel. This is part of a number of temporary amendments made to the Academic Regulations to ensure that as many students as possible can progress through their studies and/or graduate at the end of this academic year, without compromising academic standards.

As announced previously, the examination period has been extended and the end date falls after the end of term.

The revised dates include an extra week for undergraduate marking, and the extension of the examination period to avoid weekends will also provide additional time. There are separate timeframes for deferrals, capstone modules and general marking to ease burden on departments. While individual marking loads will vary, it is anticipated that that the overall volume of marking will be reduced by component exclusions and reduction of first year assessment from c.27,000 exam candidatures plus remaining coursework assessments etc to c 6000 pass/fail capstones).

So that as many modules as possible can be ratified, is strongly advised that Postgraduate Taught exam boards scheduled to take place in the summer do go ahead. In view of the later timing of the main assessment period, PGT Boards are strongly advised to push back their dissertation submission deadlines by at least 2 weeks.  The dates for final PGT boards in the autumn have been scheduled to enable this.

Deferrals and reassessments for postgraduate taught and undergraduate finalist students 

The centrally managed Late Summer Assessment (LSA) period will be for deferrals only. While this means that reassessments will take place later than normal, it is anticipated that there will be less reassessment due to the Covid-19 mitigation policies allowing more trailing failure.

For postgraduate taught and undergraduate finalist exam reassessments, there will be an extended centrally managed exam period in January to align with the dissertation reassessment period. 

Departments may run other re-assessments earlier if convenient and results can be processed as follows: 

  • Undergraduate finalists: Results are processed in September alongside LSA deferrals (the mark entry deadline is 13 September)
  • Postgraduate taught finalists: Marks for these assessments may not be entered before 7 September, but they can then be entered and processed in time for the main Boards in November.  

Reassessments for continuing students

For continuing students, reassessments will take place next academic year. The undergraduate progression and award rules have been amended to allow for this. 

*Updated* Revised dates

3 April:

Confirmation of alternative assessment by faculties.

6 April

Departments notify students of format of alternative assessments. 

8 April: 

Coursework submission Timetable (exam timetable) republished. 

24 April: 

Submission of papers for timed online assessments. 

11  May - 24 June:

Examination period for UG and PG

29 - 30 June: 

Submission of capstone module for 1st Years.

6 July: 

All UG deferrals to be entered on Portico. ALL PG deferrals and returning resitters to be entered/confirmed on Portico. 

13 July

Deadline for the exchange of Undergraduate marks (including capstone). Exams will take the data for LSA timetable from this date. This will include deferred reassessments from previous years. 

For Postgraduates, Exams will take the data for the LSA timetable from this date. This will include deferred reassessments from previous years. 

16 - 24 July: 

Dates of UG Boards of Examiners' meetings. (previously scheduled for 18 – 26 June).

For PG students, interim Boards'/Chairs' action for Autumn or Spring modules. 

20 July: 

Draft LSA timetable to Departments (deferred UG and PG students)

20-23 July:

Draft review of LSA timetable deferred UG and PG students (Departments).

28 July:

LSA timetable published to students (deferred UG and PG students). 

31 July: 

For UG students, confirm module, results, interim results outcomes and progression on Portico. (previously scheduled for 3 July).

For PG students, confirm any completed module results on Portico (condonement not calculated at this point). 

6 August:

Results day for UG students (previously scheduled for 9 July).

For PG students, results day for any modules approved to this date.

24 August - 11 September:

LSA period (just for deferrals). 

14 September: 

Deadline for LSA mark entry. 

Exchange of marks for PG students - all taught components entered onto Portico and condonement decision enabled. First attempts from this academic year. 

By 21 September:

Hold LSA Boards or Sub Boards. 

By 27 September: 

Confirm LSA module results and awards on Portico. 

Student results will be released as soon as possible, and within 2 days of being confirmed by Chair and Faculty on Portico.

1 October: 

Exams team to extract information to begin timetabling for January exams (PG resits and UG finalist resits).

19 October:

Draft January timetable to Departments (PG resits and UG finalist resists).

19-23 October:

Draft Review Period for Departments (PG resits and finalist resits).

30 October: 

Publish January Final timetable to students for PG resits and UG finalist resits. 

16-27 November:

PG Exam Board period (this can include students who have resubmissions for components).

2 December: 

Any other ad hoc UG marks and awards to be processed on Portico.

Any other PG marks and awards to be processed on Portico. 

From 3 (end of day) to 7 December: Upgrade of SITS. No Portico usage. 

11 December:

Online approval of marks and awards by Chair and Faculty on Portico. 

17 December:

PG results release for those confirmed in the November period. 

11 January - 21 January 2021:

UG finalist exam resit period (exams will be online assessment only).  

PG finalist exam resit period (all exams must be online delivery). 

29 January 2021:

PG deadline for dissertation resubmissions. 

Early March 2021:

PG deferral and resit boards.

19 March 2021:

Confirmation of UG and PG awards on Portico. 

26 March 2021:

Release of PG results enabling attendance at graduation with rest of cohort. 

Please note: All deadlines for timed assessments should be communicated to students using 24-hour time notation in relation to the UK, eg 15:00 (UK time).