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Assessments, progression and awards, 2019-20

Resources and information to support the preparation and management of 2019-20 alternative assessment of our students as UCL cancels all in-person exams and assessments in response to the 2020 coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 

On 13 March, Academic Committee confirmed that to ensure staff and student safety in response to coronavirus, invigilated exams during the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year will be replaced with a​​​​​lternative forms of assessment for taught students, to enable them to complete assessments remotely. 


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Operation of alternative assessments, 2019-20

Scheduling and submission for timed 24-hour exams, coursework, capstone assessments and departmentally-organised assessments for 2019-20

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Exceptional amendments to Academic Regulations for 2020 assessments

Academic standards protected while supporting the progression and graduation of as many of our students as possible. 

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Revised timetable for Exam Boards and associated activities, 2020

The timetable for exchange of marks and Exam Board decisions has been revised in response to coronavirus (Covid-19) mitigations.

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Capstone assessments for first year undergraduates, 2019-20

Implementing the single integrative assessment that will replace all planned assessments for first year undergraduates.

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Exam Board support, 2019-20

Key information and training materials for the Exam Board processes.

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