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Student Reviewers of Teaching

Student Reviewers of Teaching pairs two students with a member of staff to build a reflective dialogue about the staff’s teaching practice and the learning experience of students on the course.

How does Student Reviewers of Teaching work?

Two students are paired with a member of staff to build a reflective dialogue about the staff’s teaching practice and the learning experience of students on the course.

The student/staff teams will:

  • agree between them on the focus of the observations at an initial meeting
  • meet online to discuss how the sessions have gone and to explore possible enhancements to the teaching practice
  • feedback on an assignment brief and on a Moodle course provided by the students, and; 
  • agree the format for a final report at the end of the review

Why get involved?

For staff, benefits include:

  • Having a pair of students acting as a critical friend
  • Review the content and delivery of your module from a student perspective
  • Objective feedback from students outside your module
  • Manageable time commitment 
  • Flexible around your needs
  • Increased confidence in your teaching
  • Option C peer dialogue

For students:

  • Get paid £150 student stipend
  • Good entry level position into getting involved with the university
  • Low time commitment (approx 20 hours over a term)
  • Engage with academic staff in a new way, working with them as partners in a learning community
  • Experience what goes into preparing and delivering a lecture or seminar and designing moodle spaces and assessments
  • Work with a student from another discipline
  • Develop skills such as: critical thinking, teamwork, assertiveness, building relationships, delivering constructive feedback
  • Reflect on your own learning

Dr Tim Young was partnered with students to review the teaching of ION Clinical Neurology by distance learning. In this short video he explains the scheme and why you should get involved:

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/fhE6Df8E


Read the full case study.

Student training

Students will receive training prior to taking on the role and both staff and students need to attend a briefing session or watch the briefing video. 

What is the time commitment?  

  • Staff should expect to commit a minimum of 3- 5 hours (including observations) 
  • Students should expect to commit approximately 20 hours

Apply for a Student Reviewer of Teaching

Staff complete the online application form  

Students apply on Students' Union UCL online application form 

Application window

The registration form is now open and staff may apply at any time.

However, to enable us to manage the student recruitment and training process and to match staff and students up as quickly as possible we have introduced two closing dates.

Contact us

To discuss your requirements, please email sqreviewers@ucl.ac.uk