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Students write questions

Overview of how to design a digital learning activity in which students write questions.

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29 April 2021

About this activity

Students create and submit questions to the class about what they would like to know more about a topic.

For example:

  • about what they would like to know on a topic,
  • to ask the lecturer or other students in order to assess their learning,
  • or to demonstrate their learning, misconceptions, or areas they would like to further explore.

The class can work on these together in a session or use them to prepare for the next session. 

Why use it

  • Encourages reflection on learners’ gaps in their knowledge or understanding. 
  • If students write questions for their peers to answer it can deepen their own understanding and that of peers. 

When to use it

  • At start of class as  revision 
  • At mid or end point to check on understanding 
  • Independent study task 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Hot Questions  
  • Discussion forums 
  • Chat 
  • Mentimeter 

Speed of set up time 



Creation of Moodle activity or Mentimeter presentation.

Other resources


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