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Muddiest point

Overview of how to design a 'Muddiest point' digital learning activity to help students understand any unclear points of learning.

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29 April 2021

About this activity

Students write down one or two points on which they are least clear.

This could be from the previous session, the rest of the course, the preceeding activity etc.

The lecturer and class can then seek to remedy the muddiness.

Example instructions for students

Write down one or two points from the previous session that are least clear to you. 

Why use it

  • To monitor progress and build student confidence 
  • To receive feedback on the teaching style 
  • To make sure key points are clear 

When to use it

  • Throughout the module. 
  • Mid or end of sessions. 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Moodle Forum;  
  • Moodle Chat;  
  • Echo360 Q&A;
  • Breakout room  (Zoom, BB Collaborate, MS Teams)

Speed of set up time 

5 minutes. 


Set up feedback mechanism.

Other resources

  • Mentimeter 
  • Interactive response system 
  • Shared whiteboards (Zoom , BB Collaborate, MS Teams)
  • Hot questions on Moodle.

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