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Group feedback

Overview of how to design a digital learning activity where students develop their feedback literacy.

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29 April 2021

About this activity

Group feedback to a lecturer concerning peer-assessment of work can help make the lecturer aware of learning needs in a manageable way.

If a group feed back on an activity, it generates more attention and presents information that has already been ordered and sorted (meaning less repetition for the lecturer).

Why use it

  • Groups feed back to lecturer based on peer assessment 
  • Develop feedback skills 
  • Reflect on learning during a session 
  • Identify gaps in learning

When to use it

  • Between sessions 
  • During seminar sessions 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Breakout rooms (Zoom, BB Collaborate, MS Teams)
  • Moodle Discussion forum 
  • Shared documents  

Speed of set up time 

2 to 10 minutes


  • Preparing a summary of feedback to be shared with groups (modelling practice) 
  • Create / facilitate grouping;  
  • Looking over and feeding back 

Other resources

  • Pre-assign breakouts 
  • Moodle Group choice –  for student group selection 
  • Moodle Hot questions (for students to ask clarification) 
  • Anonymous response system (e.g. Mentimeter) to share comments, ask questions anonymously  

Examples of staff use

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