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Engaging the local London community in your teaching: how to find out more about them

Links to help you discover more about the London community surrounding UCL and the organisations that work within them.

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4 February 2020

The below resources can inspire you to identify projects for your teaching by understanding better your local community, its assets and challenges. 

Finding community organisations in London and understanding challenges

The below resources aim to help you get a broader understanding of the local community. 

Resources per London borough (UCL and UCL EAST)

By going through the needs assessment of the UCL and UCL EAST boroughs, you can get creative and identify the activities and the partners that would be most suitable for meeting the learning outcomes of your programme or module.

To be used in conjunction with the toolkits:

Find out more about communities in: 

Where to find inspiration

To draw more inspiration on how to collaborate with external partners and see what others in UCL are doing:

Explore case studies on the Teaching & Learning Portal (use the filter on the left for ‘community engaged learning’ for case studies relevant to this topic) 

UCL Urban Lab – partnerships 

Engineering Exchange

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This guide has been produced by The Community Engaged Learning Service (CELS) and the UCL Arena Centre for Research-based Education. You are welcome to use this guide if you are from another educational facility, but you must credit CELS and the UCL Arena Centre.