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The Education Awards 2024 - shortlist announced!

17 April 2024

These awards celebrate staff who make outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students. Professor Kathy Armour, UCL Vice-Provost Education and Student Experience, announced the shortlist at the UCL Education Conference.

Group of 2023 education award winners

Our annual Education Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and students, and their contributions to our learning community, through:

The winners will be announced during an in-person ceremony at our Bloomsbury campus on Wednesday 5 June 2024. 

Congratulations and good luck to all this year's nominees!  

UCL Education Awards

New categories this year align with our ambitions for Education Excellence

Each of the following nominees has been awarded a UCL Education Award by their Faculty and shortlisted for a UCL Provost Education Award. Please see below a full list of nominees for this year's UCL Provost Education Awards:


Nominees demonstrate new, rigorous ways of working that combine education and cutting-edge research.

Group nominees:

  • Prof Deepak Kalaskar, Dr Stephen Hilton (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Ahmed Rashid, John-George Nicholson, Maresa Harvey, James Kelly, Zakia Arfeen (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • MA Education and Technology Programme Team (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society)
  • The Learn to Discover Core Team: Gerold Baier, Saba Ferdous, Hannah Heaven, Adam Lee, Bethany Short, Geraint Thomas (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Kaleigh Heard & Kate Cronin-Forman (Faculty ofSocial & Historical Sciences)
  • Jenny Huang, Yuxi Zhang, Sonila Tomini, Preethi John, Julie Davies (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
  • Dr Claudio Capelli, Mr Endrit Pajaziti, Prof Andrew Cook, Dr Paul Frankel, Prof Silvia Schievano (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
  • Vanessa Puetz, Jodie Rawlings, Zara Abraamian, Renata Zampol, Mia Eisenstadt, Tim Otway, Neil Roberts, Antonella Veccia, Jo Stroud  (Faculty of Brain Sciences)

Individual nominees:

  • Dr Anna Newman-Griffis (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Franka Pues (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • Dr Maria Salaru (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
  • Matteo Salvalaglio (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Joost Rietveld (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Silvia Suteu (Faculty of Laws)
  • Alice Stevenson (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
Enhancing belonging

Colleagues that support diversity and creating a sense of community for students, and between students and staff.   

Group nominees:

  • Dr Eirini Velliou, Dr Andres Vicente, Anna Dimitra Kataki, Maria Florez Martin, Natalia Rojas (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Anika Ahmad, Sara Garfield, Cate Whittlesea, Robert Horne, Nitika Kapur, Maria Buck, Neroli Harris, Adam Phillips, Selva Athinarayanan (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Dr Mazal Oaknin, Dr Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano, Haydn Kirnon, Dr Marga Navarrete (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) 
  • Manni Bhatti, Lorna Dreckett, Vicki McGrath, Paige Phills, Cyril Renaud, Saffron Thompson (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Leah Aaron, Charlie Hackforth & Reagan Pearce (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)

Individual nominees:

  • Dr Thiru Surentheran (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Lorraine Fernandes (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society)
  • Jen Boyd (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Pui Shi Tsang (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)
  • Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Simona Aimar (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Mairéad McAuley (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Prof. Marcos Vera-Hernández (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
Improving the student experience

Colleagues that have improved infrastructure or processes that enhance the teaching and learning experience.   

Group nominees:

  • Paula Raftery, Emma Horan, Helen Groves, Clare Elliott, Baljit Lal, Jenny Meredith (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Francisco Rafael Corrales Siodor, Dan Mitchell, Chelsie Mok, Sarah Pipkin, Mandy Wise, Robert Winckworth, Daniel Dickins, Will Vaughan  (LCCOS)
  • Tannis Davidson, Hannah Cornish, Alice Holloway (LCCOS)
  • Liz Herbert and Liz Halstead (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society)
  • Dr Suzanne Ruddy, Dr Charmian Dawson, Dr Renee Vancraenenbroeck, Dr Kate Bowers (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Edel Ryall, Deborah Elm, Andrea Pawley, Ciaran Jones, Monika Titane, Joseph Oremus, Maria Kiladi, Shahara Begum, Sophie Belton, Parker Gordon (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
  • Clare Metcalfe, Ian Eames, Leila Blackford, Sunny Sagoo, Ollie Borgstein, Nicola Cockerton and Sharleen Young (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
  • UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering – Education Delivery Group 
  • Gerald McBrearty, Andrew Moss, Noordeen Marikkar, Muhammed Omer, Martin Scott (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Fleur Corbett, Katie Fisher (Faculty of Brain Sciences)
  • Sarah Campling, Karen Scott, Sonia Kalsi, Olga Pleshkova, Natalie Wood, Ellen Forde (Faculty of Laws)

Individual nominees:

  • Dr Zahra Mohri (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Shaan Masih  (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Lambis Petridis (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
  • Francine Wood (LCCOS)
  • Dr Liz Munday (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • Peter McLennan (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)
  • Robert Heller (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)
  • Dr Karen Stepanyan  (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Dr Alison Macdonald (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
  • Miss Charlotte Frearson (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)
  • Paloma Garcia-Paredes (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
  • Martin Lo (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Dr Thomas Gilbert (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Dr Miles Tufft (Faculty of Brain Sciences)
  • Dr Alina Trapova (Faculty of Laws)
  • Thomas Johnson (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
Celebrating education

Practices that celebrate teaching and learning, and staff who teach and support teaching.

Group nominees:

  • UCL Press Textbook Programme Team: Dhara Snowden, Lara Speicher, Jaimee Biggins, Alison Fox (LCCOS)
  • Sandra Martelli; Elvira Mambetisaeva; Nathan Humphreys (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Individual nominees:

  • Jan Tripney (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society)
  • Catherine Lucas (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • Elisabeta Gabriela Ilie (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)
  • Sara Shafiei (The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)
  • Dr Elettra Carbone (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Dr Radi Haloub (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
Impactful partnerships

Examples of engaging and impactful partnerships between students and staff.  

Group nominees:

  • Dr Erika Loizidou, Prof. Mire Zloh, Dr Maria Jose Martinez Bravo, Dr Laura Carro Santos, Dr Ranjana Rai, Prof. Mat Todd (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Carlo Marinelli, Andrea Macrina, Hao Ni, Daniel Schwarz, Neofytos Rodosthenous, Camilo Trillos,  Alex Tse, Riaz Ahmad, Chris Kenyon (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • GBSH Business Project module Team (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)
  • Tom Peach, Nelia Jurado, Tom Rushton , Phil Sessions, Sandeep Harrar, Bill Backhouse, Ralf Den Hartog, Andrea Grech La Rosa, Peter Simpson, Abida Siddiqua (Faculty of Engineering Sciences)
  • Dr Louise Neil, Dr Jennifer McGowan, Mr Terence Teevan (Faculty of Brain Sciences)

Individual nominees:

  • Evi Katsapi (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society)
  • Khan Areeg (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Dr Chekfoung Tan (Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Student Choice Awards  

The Student Choice Awards are a way for students to thank an amazing member of staff, and let them know that their hard work makes a difference. 

This year the Student's Union received 1041 nominations covering over 592 individual members of staff. 

Please see below a full list of nominees for this year's Student Choice Awards:  

Active student partnership

Members of staff who’s committed to listening to and working with students and their representatives to improve and change education in their module, programme, or department.

Rik K Ganly-Thomas, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Rhonda D L Booth, Faculty of Population Health Sciences
Caine Rolleston, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Amazing support staff

Members of staff who aren't in a teaching role, but still makes a huge difference to learning with their help, patience and care.

Lisa Daniel, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Emily Wilkes, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Judy Medrington, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Laura Baggioli, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Brilliant research-based education

Members of staff who educate about the latest, cutting-edge knowledge, or who enables taught students to create knowledge by conducting their own research

Fiona Kyle, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Guanjie He, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Abi Fisher, Faculty of Population Health Sciences
Wenlin Tu, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Diverse and inclusive education

Members of staff who work to make sure curriculum or research recognises marginalised scholars, and shines a light on diverse perspectives.

Helene Plun-Favreau, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Sherry Nakhaeizadeh, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Jenny McArthur, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Iqbal Hamiduddin, Faculty of the Built Environment

Excellent personal tutoring

Members of staff who are always there to provide students with pastoral support or academic guidance.

Anna Melissa Romualdez, Institute of Education
Amy Richardson, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Anna Remington, Institute of Education
Aikaterini Tsatse, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Exceptional feedback

Members of staff who provide constructive, useful feedback on assessment and learning, helping students to progress and succeed.

Claudia Naesar, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Alecia Carter, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Juliano Denicol, Faculty of the Built Environment
Peter E M Puxon, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Inspiring teaching delivery

Members of staff who deliver exceptional teaching, using innovative and engaging methods to hold your interest and help you to learn.

Damian Phelan, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Danielle D'Lima, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Lily Chang, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

Outstanding research supervision

Members of staff who help postgraduate research students to succeed, and balances providing support and fostering independence.

Mark Dsouza, Faculty of Laws
Rachael E Dickman, Faculty of Life Sciences
Guanjie He, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Jennie Golding, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Sustainable education

Members of staff who are leading the way on embedding sustainability into the curriculum and shaping our future climate leaders.

Andrea Gauthier and Mina Vasalou, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society
Andy Markwick, Institute of Education
Blanche Cameron, Faculty of the Built Environment 
Giulia Pellizari, Faculty of Medical Sciences