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Late Summer Assessments for students who deferred 24 hour online examinations, 2019-20

26 June 2020

The Late Summer Assessment (LSA) period for students who deferred a 24 hour online exam during the 2019/20 session will run from 24 August to 11 September 2020. Re-sit examinations will take place in 2021.

Student taking notes in front of a laptop. Image credit: J Kelly Brito / Unsplash

Late summer assessments (LSAs) will be held from 24 August to 11 September 2020, for all students who have deferred one or more of their 24 hour online examinations this year. 

The examination timetable will be published on 28 July; students will receive an email to their UCL email account with their personal timetable when it is ready to view on Portico

Timetabling and delivery of exams during the LSA is based on the delivery method chosen in the recent main examination period  - i.e. coursework or an online exam - as an alternative to exams originally scheduled to take place face-to-face.

Timetabling deferred coursework

The examination timetable will ONLY display the centrally-administered 24 hour online exams. Departments can therefore manage and set their own deadlines for deferred coursework as long as this is outside of the LSA exam period.  

Where deadlines must be within the exam period, the deadline submission times must NOT be 12:00 or 15:00 to ensure that the load on Moodle is not affected.

Operation of LSA exams

Late Summer Assessment exams will be delivered in the same way as the 24 hour online exam delivered in the recent exam period. Timed, 24-hour online exams will be managed centrally, including the setting up of the test on the 2019-20 Moodle page, in line with the examination timetable. 

Staff guidance and FAQs on the operation of online 24 hour exams during the LSA is available on the Teaching and Learning Portal

Student support -  including submission requirements, uploading handwritten answers, and access to a practice exam environment - is available from our guidance for students on taking exams through Moodle.

2019-20 Re-sit examinations

The LSA period will be for deferred assessment only. 

Postgraduate and undergraduate finalists who need to re-sit an examination will have that opportunity in the January re-sit examination period (11 - 21 January 2021).

Undergraduate continuing students (non-finalists) who have failed a 24 hour online exam will be allowed to progress to their next stage of study and will have the opportunity to take a re-sit during the Main examination period in 2021.

Key dates and more information regarding deferred/re-sit assessments, 2019-20, are available from the academic manual.

Image credit: J Kelly Brito / Unsplash