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Staff asked to prepare for migration to new, improved Moodle for 2018-19

9 May 2018

Existing and new versions to run simultaneously until end of academic year.

Screenshot of Moodle

This summer UCL are launching a brand new Moodle platform for all courses starting in the next academic year 18/19.

The new Moodle will have a structure based on the revised module codes introduced by the Academic Model and will run in parallel with the existing, legacy, Moodle in order to ensure continuity for Late Summer Assessments, Masters deferrals, continuing Masters courses and summers schools running July-September.

In addition to the normal activities to prepare Moodle courses for the start of session, this summer course administrators and owners will be asked to migrate content to a new Moodle platform for the 2018-19 academic year.

Teaching and administration staff who manage courses are asked to please plan ahead and allocate time to migrate and review their courses in advance of the start of session. The new Moodle platform will be made available in early July to allow as much time as possible to prepare 2018-19 academic courses.

All modules with a new Academic Model code for active 2018-19 modules in Portico will have a corresponding course in the new Moodle. Initially the new system will just contain empty ‘shell' courses which staff can then edit or migrate content into.

A migration tool is being developed that will enable course content to be migrated quickly and easily from the current system to the corresponding course in the new Moodle. Non modular courses can be created but will need to be requested, details of how to do this will be provided in the next couple of months.

The new Moodle will be more responsive and have a fresh and accessible theme (look and feel). It will offer more options for navigation and use. Your existing Moodle shortcuts and favourites will continue to work but you will need to select either the legacy Moodle system or new Moodle when you login.

The Digital Education team will be providing workshops, training and support for migration activities from Go Live of the new Moodle platform.  

If you have any questions please contact moodleproject@ucl.ac.uk
Visit the wiki site about the new Moodle: this site will be kept up to date with news, FAQs and guidance.

What is Moodle?

Moodle supports learning and teaching at module level, by hosting resources, and enabling interactivities, assessment processes and cohort management, including forums, peer marking, group work and feedback.  It helps teaching staff to orient students and bring them into contact with texts, materials and each other in purposeful ways. Moodle is available to all at UCL, subject to their agreement to observe the UCL Guidelines for e-learning communication tools.

Staff editing Moodle are expected to observe the UCL E-Learning Baseline, a set of minimum standards to ensure that all students can use every Moodle space.