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Have you got MyFeedback?

24 April 2018

At the recent UCL Education conference, Jessica Gramp spoke about the Moodle MyFeedback report, which displays assessment feedback in a single view.

My Feedback report displays all taught assessment feedback in one place

The Moodle MyFeedback report displays assessment feedback in a single view. Students can use MyFeedback to compare and identify common areas for improvement, with the support of their personal tutors.

The MyFeedback report was developed at UCL, trailed by UCL Engineering in 2016, and is now being used by over 400 other Moodle institutions world wide. However, many UCL students don’t have access to their assessment feedback electronically within Moodle, so they are unable to use this tool. 

Although, we acknowledge that not all feedback is suitable for electronic delivery, we know that in some cases, students are receiving electronic feedback by email, rather than in Moodle. This means these students are still unable to use the report. Also, these staff are likely spending more time returning this feedback to students (via mail merge or manual emails) than if they used Moodle’s bulk download/upload features.

View Jess' presentation on Slideshare

E-Feedback is getting easier

With the introduction of follow me printing, students can easily scan in copies of hand-written work, such as equations. At the same time, access to tablets that enable staff to annotate electronic documents directly on the screen, is increasing too. Some academics, including those teaching Physics and Maths, are using such devices to electronically mark equations that students have scanned and submitted via Moodle. And many staff are already marking essays electronically, using Word tracked changes and PDF annotation features. So, the barriers to submitting and returning assessments electronically are diminishing. 

MyFeedback aims to:

  • Raise the visibility of feedback to students & staff.
  • Increase staff adoption of Moodle to provide fast, quality and consistent assessment feedback.

How to make assessment feedback and submission information visible in MyFeedback

Below we cover how you and your colleagues can make assessment feedback and submission information visible in MyFeedback, by using particular features of Moodle’s assessment tools. This means your students will be able to make full use of the report, to reflect on their feedback and feed this forward into future assessments. And this means, as a personal tutor, you can use the report to better support your tutees.

Different departments and individuals use different assessment tools within Moodle, so the advice is broken into the five tools that can display feedback within the report.

Moodle Assignment

  • Enter grades into the grade box, rather than typing these into the general comments.
  • Upload marked files (with comments/tracked changes), rather than emailing these to students. These can be bulk downloaded, marked offline and then bulk uploaded to students.
  • Evaluate whether rubrics and marking guides within Moodle Assignments can be used instead of attaching a separate PDF.
  • If you provide inline comments If you provide inline comments / tracked changes within the paper via feedback files, tell students this in the feedback comments, so they know to look for it. 


  • Provide detailed feedback for each question, including why answers are correct or incorrect.
  • In the general feedback for a quiz, guide students to look at the individual question feedback, so they know this exists when the review their attempts.

Turnitin Assignment

  • Enter numeric grades into the grade box – unfortunately Turnitin does not adequately support letter grades.
  • Provide feedback both on the paper as QuickMarks and as general comments, rubrics and marking guides. Although there is no way to show these directly in the report, students can still easily access their Turnitin feedback directly from MyFeedback.

Workshop (for peer assessment)

  • Provide overall feedback for the group in the Workshop settings, under Feedback > conclusion, so all students see this in the 'feedback comments' section of the report.

Manual grade item

  • When uploading manual grade items directly into the Moodle Gradebook use one grade per assessment (not one grade per criteria) to avoid confusion. To signify to students how well they meet each criteria, use an offline Moodle Assignment with marking guide or rubric.


  • Grant extensions to Moodle Assignments & Quizzes in Moodle, so students with extensions don’t have their work marked as late in the report.

By following these guidelines, more students at UCL will have access to their electronic feedback and will be able to make full use of the MyFeedback report to help self-regulate their learning.
For further information, please refer to the downloadable ‘Making Feedback Visible’ document available on the MyFeedback for Module Tutors and Assessors Moodle guide.