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The Provost's Teaching Awards: previous winners

The Provost's Teaching Awards have now been replaced by the UCL Education Awards (2018).

Winners 2017

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

  • Joseph Thorogood (Social & Historical Sciences)
  • Matthew Scroggs (Mathematical & Physical Sciences)

Teaching staff (all received commendation for leadership)

  • Dr Caroline R Fertleman (Medical Sciences/Population Health Sciences)
  • Jane E Burns (Engineering)
  • Dr Jenny Marie (Arena Centre)

Professional staff

  • Jessica Gramp (Digital Education)
  • Jo Strange (Brain Sciences)

Team Awards

  • #UCLChemAirPoll, led by Professor Andrea Sella (Mathematical & Physical Sciences)
Winners 2016

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Mr. Martin Rosillo-Lopez (MAPS)
Leadership awards
Professor Sonia Johnson (Brain Sciences)
Dr Sunny Bains (Engineering Sciences)


Chem160x team put forward by Prof Andrea Sella (MAPS)

Professional staff

Ms Nazlin Bhimani (IOE)
Ms Jenny Post (Bartlett)

Teaching/Academic Staff

Dr Joanna Catherine Porter (Medical Sciences)
Dr Matt Pope (SHS)
Dr Andrew Wills (MAPS)
Mrs Jane Britton (Engineering Sciences)
Dr Adam Liston (Brain Sciences)
Dr Faye Gishen (Medical Sciences)
Dr Jonathan Evans (MAPS)
Dr Richard Freeman (IOE)

Winners 2015

Individual Teaching Awards

Ilan Adler, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Tim Baker, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Dhanjal, Archaeology

Matt Jenner, E-Learning Environments

Ruth Morgan, Security and Crime Science

Andrew Reid, Archaeology

Kerstin Sailer, Bartlett School of Architecture

Lucio Vinicius, Anthropology

Team Collaboration and Achievement in Teaching

Daniel Richardson, Stephanie Lazzaro and Jorina von Zimmermann, Experimental Psychology

UCL SysMIC core team (Chris Barnes, Philip Lewis and Gerold Baier), Cell and Developmental Biology

Leadership and Impact

Julie Evans, Brain Sciences

Margot Finn, History

Jamie Harle, Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Winners 2014

Winners 2013

Dr Adrien Desjardins, UCL Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Dr Richard Milne, Centre for Virology

Dr Benn Thomsen, UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Professor Chris Barker, Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology (joint award)

Professor Nancy Pistrang, Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology (joint award)

Dr Elizabeth Benjamin, Research Department of Pathology, Cancer Institute

Dr Marcos Martinón-Torres, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Professor Andrew Fisher, UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mr Mike Rowson, UCL Institute for Global Health

Ms Jo Volley, Slade School of Fine Art

Dr Andrew Wills, UCL Department of Chemistry

Mrs Stefanie Anyadi, UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Mr Adam Townsend, UCL Department of Mathematics

Bartlett FEM team: Professor Alexi Marmot, Mr Peter McLennan, Dr Fuzhan Nasiri, Professor Michael Pitt and Dr Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd (joint award)

UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering team: Professor Nick Tyler, Professor Richard Simons, Dr Paul Greening and Dr Julia Stegemann (joint award)

Winners 2012

Staff at the Beginning of their Career:

Dr Hervé Borrion, UCL Security and Crime Science

Dr Jayne Kavanagh, UCL Academic Centre for Medical Education

Experienced Academic Staff:

Dr Paul Bartlett, UCL Physics and Astronomy

Dr William Coppola, Department of Primary Care and Population Health

Professor David D’Avray, UCL History

Dr Douglas Guilfoyle, UCL Laws

Ms Frosso Pimenides, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture

Staff Involved in Supporting Student Learning:

Mr Ian Patmore, Department of Geography

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant:

Ms Oliwia Berdak, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies

Team Collaboration and Achievement in Teaching:

Dr David West and the UCL School of Pharmacy

Internationalised Department:

Dr Christine Hoffmann and the UCL Language Centre

Winners 2011

Beginning of academic career

Dr Chris Blackman, Chemistry
Dr Dominic Furniss, UCL Interaction Centre 
Dr Ben Hanson, Mechanical Engineering

Experienced academic staff

Mr Michael Ashby, Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences
Dr Caroline Garaway, Anthropology 
Dr Sharon Morris, Slade School of Fine Art
Dr Bill Sillar, Institute of Archaeology

Supporting student learning

Dr Amanda Cain, Structural and Molecular Biology 
Ms Cari Tuhey, History

Postgraduate teaching assistant

Mr John Mitchinson, SELCS