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Moving to online teaching and supervision

Resources and information to support the teaching of our students during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

These pages provide guidance for remote delivery of most traditional teaching approaches used at UCL. All remote teaching approaches assume that staff and students can access the internet. 

Within the timescale available to us, the priority for Term 3 teaching is to move face-to-face teaching into an online environment. We are aware of the immense challenges faced by staff at this time, so doing what you can under the circumstances is all that is expected.  The options available will rarely be perfect and so we will adopt a best efforts approach to ensure our students are able to continue learning and to graduate on time wherever possible. We will support colleagues to continue to improve and build confidence in their online provision in the longer term. 

Not all forms of teaching can continue remotely; some laboratory, practical, or field work will be difficult to simulate online on a short timescale. We are exploring how to reproduce such teaching activity in the medium term. 

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Teaching online: where to start

Top tips to help you get started with teaching wholly online. Guidance on online options for specific teaching approaches is available below.

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Online lectures

Support for delivering online lectures remotely.