Teaching & Learning


UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2013

"Embedding Skills & Employability in the Curriculum” - Friday 19 April 2013.

In the current educational environment with rising student fees, students are likely to ask you questions about how their degree will improve their employment prospects.

Employers are telling us that just having a degree is not enough for them to recruit a student and that they are looking for well-rounded individuals who function well in society. Predictions for the future suggest that students will become more demanding in this regard. 

UCL is committed to developing students in this way. It is also committed to supporting its staff in initiating and developing programmes and activities that address this agenda. 

With all the current changes higher education is facing, this is an excellent time to find out more about what those changes may mean and how to implement them in ways that benefit both the students and our teaching.

Aim of the conference

This conference provided an opportunity to share models of best practice and a chance to 'think aloud' about our provision of professional development for our students.

These models could be in the form of curriculum initiatives/practices, work placements/experience, enhancing graduate attributes, key skills development, etc. that effectively support the enhancement of the student learning experience.

There are already a number of different initiatives taken by academic staff within UCL to support this agenda and several that are under development.  

The conference was an opportunity to showcase what is currently in place to support the expansion of exemplary programmes across the college but also to consider issues and solutions with others involved in teaching at UCL.

Keynote speakers

Arti Kumar -  MBE, Honorary Visiting Research Fellow and National Teaching Fellow

Jat Sahota– Head of Pharmacy and Healthcare, Sainsburys