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UCL Introductory Programme

A programme offering new students an intellectually enriching introduction to degree-level study and UCL, creating a sense of place and belonging before they arrive.

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An exciting new Introductory Programme forms part of students’ first contact with UCL and provides them with an academic, pastoral, social and physical orientation of the University.  

New students will be able to access the fully online programme after they complete their online pre-enrolment.

Programme structure

The Introductory Programme is a journey through a series of stories, images, videos and interactive activities under three themes: 

  1. UCL Origins  

  1. Discovery at UCL  

  1. Global London  

A fourth theme, Future UCL, will be added to the resource in future, in partnership with students.

The online element of the programme centres on a number of ‘objects’ in and around UCL. By telling the stories behind these objects, with the help of engaging interactive multimedia, it aims to provide students with a feeling of place and belonging before they arrive.

Access the Introductory Programme [UCL login required]

UCL Education Strategy 2016-21 commits us to developing the Introductory Programme as one of a series of initiatives to personalise student support, and to complement the review of UCL Transitions Programme.

*New* Promotional materials

Promotional materials are available below to help staff publicise the Introductory Programme to new UCL students.


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