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Education support contacts in your faculty and department

Central teams, Faculty Education Teams and Faculty Learning Technology Leads will work with departmental Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators (CMCs), Connected Learning Leads and E-Learning Champions.

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Note: If any contacts need updating, please email the details to teaching.learning@ucl.ac.uk 

Faculty and departmental support arrangements have been established to support education teams in moving us beyond the largely successful emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic, through Connected Learning approach of the 2020-21 academic year and beyond.

Faculty Connected Learning Support Arrangements diagram

Faculty Education Teams (including Vice Deans Education) are supported by Faculty Learning Technology Leads, Arena Fellows, Digital Education Advisors and Library colleagues to develop practical guidance, training, templates and examples. Central teams will also make a comprehensive staff development and support programme available over the Summer.

New departmental support structures will underpin the Faculty Education Teams, Faculty Learning Technology Leads and central support services to efficiently cascade this training and guidance to all colleagues. Each department has at least one named Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinator, Connected Learning Lead and E-Learning Champion who, alongside the Department's Head of Education, will act as a Departmental Connected Learning Team.

These Connected Learning Teams will, in turn, be supported by the central and faculty-based roles to ensure their colleagues feel able and confident to provide an excellent remote or socially distanced educational experience for our students.  

Descriptions and named contacts for each of these roles are provided below.

Faculty Education Teams

Faculty Education Teams have been established to work in collaboration with central teams to ensure that UCL can continue to function smoothly for the duration of Covid-19, and emerge from it stronger and more resilient.

Led by the Dean, and with a nominated Convenor, each Faculty Education Team comprises a small number of senior staff with some departmental representation.

Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators (CMCs)

As the coronavirus outbreak escalated, every department nominated at least two Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators (CMCs) - one academic and one professional services represenative - to input into and disseminate resources, guidance and policy updates emerging from various education mitigation groups established to ensure teaching and assessment continuity.

The CMCs are named contacts to help you plan and deliver teaching and assessment during the coronavirus outbreak. CMCs receive a fortnightly bulletin from the Vice Provost's Education & Student Experience Team summarising any key policy decisions, new staff guidance or student communications that have have been released or planned for that week. Faculty Tutors and Vice Deans (Education) also receive these bulletins. The CMCs, working with Faculty Tutors, are responsible for determining the best approach and channels for disseminating that information to their colleagues and students, as this varies across the university.

Faculty Learning Technology Leads

Faculty Learning Technology Leads are experienced learning technologists who will:

  • Support the network of departmental connected learning leads and e-learning champions within the faculty and coordinating/supporting their staff development to enable them to support departmental colleagues.
  • Run training and development for faculty staff in partnership with Digital Education and Arena.
  • Oversee development and implementation of local variants of Moodle templates
  • Advise staff on teaching and learning-focused online communication, facilitation and student support.
  • Train students assistants to create online content.
  • Identify issues and challenges faced by departmental teams and feeding them back to Digital Education and Arena as needed.

Your Faculty Learning Technology Lead is named under your faculty. You can also view the full list of Faculty Learning Technology Leads

Departmental Connected Learning Leads

Departmental Connected Learning Leads are experienced lecturers or teaching fellows who are appointed to work across programmes and modules to:

  • Support departmental colleagues and create opportunities for colleagues to network and support one another.
  • Tailor advice and templates for local contexts.
  • Provide some hands-on input where needed.
  • Escalate to Digital Education and Arena where necessary.
  • Facilitate staff development, with support from Digital Education and Arena.
  • Oversee a common approach to student induction, bonding activities and student support.
  • Supervise PGTAs and students who may have been engaged to work on course development.

The departmental Connected Learning lead will be supported by:

  • the department’s two E-learning Champions;
  • the department’s two Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators;
  • their Faculty's Connected Learning coordinator and Faculty Education Team;
  • Digital Education and Arena faculty-facing staff.

E-Learning Champions

Most departments have one academic, one professional services e-learning champion, whose informal role is to champion the use of technology in education, and to ensure that central teams are aware of local issues and initiatives. This is a long-standing network which will now work with and support the Connected Learning Lead role by:

  • acting as a point of contact with Digital Education Advisor;
  • facilitating local Champion and digital education groups;
  • providing updates of local initiatives and concerns;
  • participating in departmental T&L committees as appropriate; and
  • contributing to the monthly E-Learning Newsletter, case studies etc.

See the list of current E-Learning Champions

Digital Assessment Advisors

As of September 2021, we have formed a new Digital Assessment team as part of the Digital Education department within the Information Services Division. Headed up by Anisa Patel as the Head of Digital Assessment, the team is made up of five Digital Assessment Advisors and one Learning Technologist. These roles will work with their nominated faculties to drive adoption of digital assessment at UCL. 

The Digital Assessment Advisors role within the faculties will be to encourage the adoption of digital assessment at UCL including the use of our new assessment platform, AssessmentUCL. They will work with faculties to build an understanding of the needs of different departments and programmes, identify solutions, and channel any feedback back to the central digital assessment product team. They will also provide training and support to academic and administrative colleagues, facilitate sharing of practice, and champion the capabilities of AssessmentUCL to drive forward adoption and engagement. 

If you would like to find out more, please email the ISD.Digital Assessment Advisory inbox with your query. 

    Arts and Humanities 

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Jesper Hansen

    Faculty Education Team

    See the Joint Faculties section for details of the Faculty Education Team for Arts and Humanities. 

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Abbi Shaw

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    Faculty contacts:

    • Stella Bruzzi
    • Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
    • Julie Smith
    • Prof Gesine Manuwald
    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Arts and Sciences BASc

    Wendy Sims-Schouten

    Cristy Meadows

    Tim Jordan
    English Language and Literature

    Mark Ford

    Stephen Cadywold

    Matthew Sperling

    Eric Langley 

    European & International Social and Political Studies

    Roland Kappe

    Julia Wagner

    Mart Kuldkepp

    Roland Kappe
    Greek and Latin

    Mairéad McAuley

    Robbie Macaulay

    Miriam Leonard

    Phiroze Vasunia

    Antony Makrinos
    Hebrew & Jewish Studies

    Neill Lochery

    Vanessa Richards

    Sacha Stern

    Casey Johnson

    Lily Khan (Academic Lead)

    Information Studies

    Elizabeth Shepherd

    Dimitrios Kraniotis

    Sarah Davenport

    Daniel Boswell

    Karen Stepanyan

    Luke Dickens


    Daniel Rothschild

    Sophie Grant

    Luke Fenton Glynn

    Florian Mussgnug

    Susan Westbrook

    Rachel Anderson

    Jo Evans

    Ulirich Tiedau (SELCS)

    Christine Sas (CMII)

    Slade School of Fine Art

    Kieren Reed

    Kate Rowlands                                      

    Paul Horne

    Patrick White

    Lesley Sharpe


    Alex Craven  

    Diane P Koenker

    Christian Emery

    Richard Mole

    Michael Wozniak

    Christian Emery

    Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Currently vacant. Please contact arenacentre@ucl.ac.uk for support. 

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Rebecca Payne, Student Experience Manager

    Prof Christoph LindnerDean 
    Prof Iain BordenVice Dean Education (Chair)
    Prof Aeli RobertsFaculty Tutor
    Annabel Brown Director of Education and Student Experience
    Dr Brent Carnell

    Arena Centre representative

    Peter McLennanFaculty Graduate Tutor (PGT)
    Dr Sara ShafieiVice-Dean Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    Dr Steve RidgeEducation Manager
    Dr Yasminah Beebeejaun Faculty Graduate Tutor (PGR)
    Tom McMahonStudent Experience Manager

    Representatives from Bartlett sections:

    Convenor: Rebecca Payne

    Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) 

    Mr Steven Gray / Dr Adam Dennett

    Development Planning Unit (DPU) Dr Donald Brown
    School of Architecture (BSA) 

    Dr Ruari Glynn

    Ms Sabine Storp

    Viktoria Viktorija

    Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange (B-made)

    School of Construction and Project Management (CPM) 

    Prof D’Maris Coffman

    Dr Judy Stephenson

    Bartlett Real Estate Institute Dr Jocelyn Boys
    School of Planning (BSP)

    Dr Susan Moore

    Dr Juliana Martins

    School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER)

    Dr Helen Pineo

    Dr Marcella Ucci

    Institute for Global ProsperityDr Matt Davies
    Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

    Dr Kate Roll

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Sam Ahern

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Bartlett School of Architecture

    Brent Carnell

    Thea Heintz

    Bill Hodgson
    Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

    Judy Stephenson

    Helen Pascoe

    Judy Stephenson
    Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

    Stephen Gray

    Carol Trent

    Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources

    Helen Pineo

    Robert Heller

    Phillipa Shallard

    Ivan Korolija

    Lorenzo Lotti

    Bartlett School of Planning

    Elisabete Cidre

    Jenny Post

    Juliana Martins
    Bartlett Real Estate Institute

    Andrew Edkins

    Serina Hayes


    Steven Gray

    Carol Trent

    Mohammod Hussain

    Valerio Signorelli

    Duncan Wilson
    Development Planning Unit

    Donald Brown

    Sharon Cooney

    Pascale Hofmann 
    Institute for Global Prosperity

    Christopher Harker

    Yukiko Fujimoto

    Matt Davies
    Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose

    Kate Roll

    Isha Reid

    Kate Roll

    Isha Reid

    Brain Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Karen Matthewman

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Julie Evans

    David ShanksDeputy Dean
    Julie EvansFaculty Tutor
    Alastair McClellandDirector of Education, P&LS
    Alex LeffDirector of Education, IoN
    Sonia Johnson

    Director of Education, Div of Psychiatry

    Rosemary Monk

    Director of Education, Ear Inst

    Rosie McAlonanHead of Marketing and Communications

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Neil Roberts

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    Faculty contacts:

    • Julie Evans
    • Shibhan Atack
    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Anna Freud Centre

    Eamon McCrory

    Nafisa Wagley

    Eamon McRory

    Nafisa Wagley

    Ear Institute

    Rosemary Monk

    Michelle Tuohy

    Rosemary Monk

    Alex Leff

    David Blundred

    Alex Leff

    David Blundred


    Joanna Pajerska

    Marcus Fruttiger

    Sonia Johnson

    Christina Kalantzi

    Sonia Johnson     
    Psychology and Language Sciences 

    Alastair McClelland

    Stefanie Anyadi

    Alastair McClelland

    Stefanie Anyadi

    Engineering Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Nick Grindle

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Ms Vicki Kimmins (v.kimmins@ucl.ac.uk), Faculty Education Officer.

    Professor Nigel Titchener-HookerDean
    Professor Iain Borden

    Vice Dean Education (Chair)

    Professor Aeli RobertFaculty Tutor
    Miss Saffron HuttDeputy Director of Operations
    Dr Andrea Rayat

    DTC Chair (Biochemical Engineering)

    Professor Lewis Griffin

    Director of Studies (Computer Science)

    Mr Alex Craven

    Departmental Manager (Mechanical Engineering)

    Paul McKennaDepartmental Manager (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
    Professor Emanuela TilleyDirector (Integrated Engineering Programme)
    Liz JonesDirector of Studies (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)
    Matt SmithFES Learning Technologist
    Dr Yasminah BeebeejaunFaculty Graduate Tutor (PGR)
    Peter McLennanFaculty Graduate Tutor (PGT)
    Dr Annabel BrownDirector of Education and Student Experience
    Dr Brent CarnellArena Centre Representative
    Dr Steve RidgeEducation Manager
    TBCVice Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Anna Trostnikova 

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Leads
    Integrated Engineering Programme

    Emanuela Tilley

    Kerry-Anne Tarlton

    Emanuela Tilley

    Riyad Joomun

    Biochemical Engineering

    Andrea Rayat

    Kate Sym

    Duygu Dikicioglu
    Chemical Engineering

    Eva Sorenson

    Beth Hills

    Elton Dias (Lead)

    Isobel Mackay

    Justin Siefker

    Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

    Yan Cheng 

    Pedro Ferreira

    Liz Jones

    Taku Fujiyama
    Computer Science

    Lewis Griffin

    Jo Stiles

    Steve Hailes

    Karin Alderson

    Lewis Griffin
    Electronic and Electrical Engineering

    Sally Day

    Paul McKenna

    Ryan Grammenos
    Mechanical Engineering

    Alistair Greig

    Rachel Smith

    Helen Czerski
    Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

    Dean Barratt

    James Vallerine

    Billy Dennis
    School of Management

    Alan Parkinson

    Michelle Tinsley

    Lynsie Chew

    Ian Calder

    Security and Crime Science

    Richard Wortley

    Kirstie Buckridge

    Lu Lemanski

    Adam Cooper

    Ayden Wilson

    Sarah Quinnell

    Alan Seatwo

    IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Silvia Colaiacomo

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Noreen Kassem, Head of Academic Programmes Office.

    Prof Clare Brooks

    Pro-Director: Education

    Evi Katsapi 

    Head of Undergraduate

    Dr Jo Fraser-Pearce Head of Postgraduate Taught Provision
    Carole Scott Head of Initial Teacher Education
    Simon Buller Director of Operations 

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Tim Neumann

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    Faculty CMC contacts:

    • Noreen Kassem
    • Elke Theissl
    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)

    Christine Hoffmann

    Ayanna Prevatt-Goldstein

    David Albery
    Culture, Communication & Media

    Nicole Brown

    Cara Hackleton

    David Baker

    Alison Clark-Wilson

    Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment


    Initial Teaching Education

    Cossette Crisan

    Mary Richardson

    James Purdy

    Emma Newell

    Eirini Gerianiou
    Education, Practice & Society

    Brad Blitz

    Richard Palmer

    Hilary McQueen
    Learning and Leadership

    Rachael Levy

    Guy Roberts-Holmes

    James Purdy

    Susan Bodman
    Psychology and Human Development

    Zachary Walker

    Lorraine Fernandes

    Liory Fern-Pollak

    Zachary Walker
    Social Science

    Rebecca Rees

    Kelly Dickson

    Bilal Nasim

    Ebadul Haque

    Antonia Simon


    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Alex Standen

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Piet Eeckhout, Dean. 

    Prof Olga Thoma

    Vice Dean Education and Faculty Tutor

    Dr Rob George

    VD Programme Delivery and Development

    Prof Steven Vaughan next VD Staffing

    Beth Beasant

    Jamie Smith (as deputy)


    Programme Director,

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    To be confirmed

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Faculty/Department of Laws

    Olga Thomas

    Beth Beasant

    Michael Veale

    Life Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Martin Compton

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Hazel Smith, hazel.smith@ucl.ac.uk  

    Geraint Rees Dean
    Loren MoyseDirector of Operations
    Rebecca Lever Associate Director (Education), School of Pharmacy
    Stephen PriceAssociate Director (Education), Division of Biosciences
    Mike Munday Vice Dean Education
    Doug KingHead of the Cruciform Teaching Facilities Unit
    Geraint Thomas Director Natural Sciences and SYSMIC lead

    Frank Sowrey

    Suzy Adcock

    Divisional Manager for School of Pharmacy

    Divisional Manager for Division of Biosciences

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Janice Kiugu

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    Faculty CMC contacts:

    • Hazel Smith
    • Geraint Rees
    • Loren Moyse
    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Division of Biosciences (includes all units e.g. NPP, Cell & Dev Biology etc)

    Stephen Price

    Nidhi Rathod

    Lawrence Bellamy

    Maria Secier

    Chris Thompson

    David Murrell

    Amanda Cain

    Andrew Batchelor

    Richard Tunwell

    Talvinder Sihra

    Tom Hawkins

    Nidhi Rathod

    Stephen Price
    School of Pharmacy

    Rebecca Lever

    Elizabeth Mead

    Adam Phillips

    Ellie Bates 

    Audrey Mercer 

    John Malkinson

    Khalid Sheikh

    Lizzie Mills 

    Rebecca Lever

    Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MAPS)

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Pete Fitch

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Ivan Parkin


    Professor Katherine Holt

    Vice Dean Education
    Zak Liddell Director of Education and Student Experience

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Dr Richard Osborne

    Digital Assessment Advisor


    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Centre of Nanotechnology

    Andrew Fisher

    Emma Grant


    Dewi Lewis

    Mike Kelly

    Stephen Potts

    Anna Roffey

    Earth Sciences

    Paul Bown

    Leisa Clemente

    Tom Mitchell

    Paul Bown

    Tom Mitchell
    Institute for Materials Discovery Tung Chun Lee
    Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction

    Robert Wicks

    Mumtaz Abdul-Ghafoor

     Saman Ghaffarian

    Mark Roberts

    Helen Higgins

    Nadia Sidorova
    Natural Sciences

    Ella Metcalfe

    Charlotte Pearce

    Ali Mozaffari
    Physics and Astronomy

    Neal Skipper

    Lori Coletti

    Stan Zochowski

    Science and Technology Studies

    Brian Balmer

    Randalle Roberts

    Joe Cain

    Noémi Tougisnant

    Space & Climate Physics

    Sarah Matthews

    Dimitra Stamogiannou

    Ian Raper

    Daniel Verscharen

    Statistical Science

    Karen Leport

    Elinor Jones

    Simon Harden

    Elinor Jones

    Simon Harden

    Medical Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Jenny Griffiths

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor: Blathnaid Mahony

    Mark Emberton Dean
    Claire Glen Director of Operations
    Vivek Mudera Vice Dean Education
    Susan Beesley

    Faculty Graduate Manager

    Tim McHugh Faculty Graduate Tutor (Taught)
    Jill Norman Faculty Education Manager
    Deborah Gill Director of Medical Sciences
    Nathan Davies

    Graduate Tutor, Division of Medicine

    Adam Paige Graduate Tutor, Cancer Institute
    Tom Carlson Principal Supervisor, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science
    Kirsty Bucknell Faculty Executive Assistant (Support) 
    Jennifer Griffiths

    Associate Director, UCL Arena Centre for Research-Based Education.

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Taylor Bennie 

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Cancer Institute

    Adam Paige

    Jola Skorecka

    John Harper

    Adam Paige (Lead)

    Thiru Surentheran

    Wright Jacob

    Division of Infection and Immunity

    Richard Milne

    Biljana Nikolic

    Milica Vukmanovic-Stejic
    Division of Medicine

    Nathan Davies

    Matthew Brown

    Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez (UG)

    Vitor De Sousa Teixeira (PG)

    Eastman Dental Institute

    Dave Spratt

    Sara Giampietro

    Jacopo Buti
    Surgery & Interventional Science

    Tom Carlson

    Stephanie McColl

    Eleanor Tillett
    UCL Medical School

    Deborah Gill

    Gaynor Jones

    Tom Olney

    Population Health Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Nicholas Grindle

    Faculty Education Team

    Convenor(s): Mike Rowson, Vice Dean Education and Faculty Tutor and Caroline Horslen, Faculty Education Officer. 

    Graham HartDean
    Paul PhibbsDirector of Operations
    Anne PeaseyFaculty Graduate Tutor (taught programmes)
    Jane SimmondsFaculty Graduate Tutor (taught programmes)

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Sean Gainford

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)
    Faculty office 

    Mike Rowson

    Caroline Horslen

    Institute for Global Health

    Shivani Singh

    Paloma Garcia-Paredes

    Shivani Singh

    Paloma Garcia Paredes
    Institute for Womens Health

    Joyce Harper

    Dawn Mitchell

    Joyce Harper

    Dawn Mitchell

    Institute of Cardiovascular Science

    Ann Walker

    Sital Thanki

    Ann Walker

    Sital Thanki

    Institute of Child Health

    Helen Bedford

    Sarah Bathie

    Jane Simmonds

    Sarah Bathie

    Helen Bedford

    Angie Wade

    Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology

    Angela Meade

    Tufael Hussain

    Helen Meadows

    Helen Meadows

    Angela Meade

    Almudena Sacristan Reviriego
    Institute of Epidemiology and Healthcare

    Anne Peasey

    Andreas Opitz

    Anne Peasey

    Andreas Opitz
    Institute of Health Informatics

    Paul Taylor

    Pippa Bark

    Victoria West

    Paul Taylor

    Pippa Bark

    Victoria West

    Matthew Darlison

    School of Slavonic and East European Studies

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    InstituteCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Leads

    Chris Harrop

    Diane P. Koenker 

    Christian Emery

    Tomas Cvrcek

    Social and Historical Sciences

    UCL Arena Faculty Liaison

    Dr Jason Davies

    Faculty Education Team

    See the Joint Faculties section for details of the Faculty Education Team for Social and Historical Sciences. 

    Faculty Learning Technology Lead

    Fiona Harvey

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    DepartmentCovid-19 Mitigation CoordinatorsConnected Learning Lead(s)

    Martin Holbraad

    Alison Macdonald

    Matteo Fumagalli

    Emily Emmott

    Aureo De Paula

    Dunli Li

    Tina Fowler

    Antonio Guarino

    Parama Chaudhury

    Cloda Jenkins

    Sam Randalls

    Lyn Hollyman

    Andrew Barry

    Sam Randalls

    Eleanor Robson

    Claire Morley

    Jennifer Hudson

    Jon Chandler
    History of Art

    Marta Zboralska

    Eleanor Day

    Bob Mills

    Jacob Paskins 
    Institute of Archaeology

    Bill Sillar

    Judy Medrington

    Corisande Fenwick

    Borja Legarra Herrero

    Carolyn Rando

    Sue Hamilton
    Institute of the Americas

    Jonathan Bell

    Par Engstrom

    Nick Witham

    Antonella Silvestro

    Rachel Cronkshaw

    Ruth Harper

    Par Engstrom
    Political Science

    Christian Schuster

    Ben Webb

    Lauge Poulsen
    School of Slavonic and East European Studies

    Christian Emery

    Michael Wozniak

    Tomas Cvrcek

    Christian Emery

    Joint Faculties

    Faculty Education Team

    Tier 1

    Education Team for Joint Faculties (Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Sciences):

    Convenor: Kitty Ho (JF Quality Assurance and Governance Officer) kitty.ho@ucl.ac.uk

    Meetings: 2 x 1 hour per week

    Stella BruzziDean
    Sasha RoseneilDean
    Alexander SamsonVice Dean Education
    Caroline GarawayVice Dean Education
    Arne HofmannFaculty Tutor
    Ashley DoolanDeputy Faculty Tutor

    Tier 2

    The Joint Faculties would then continue to discuss education matters (implementation, refinement, actions and procedure) at faculty-level via each faculty's regular Heads of Department (A&H to include SSEES).

    Convenor: Kitty Ho

    Meetings: 3 x 1 hour per week

    Covid-19 Mitigation Coordinators and Connected Learning Leads

    CMC contacts:

    • Arne Hofmann
    • Katie Canada

    Faculty Learning Technology Leads

    Social and Historical Sciences – Fiona Harvey

    Arts and Humanities – Abbi Shaw

    Laws – To be confirmed

    IOE – Tim Neumann

    Mathematics and Physical Sciences – Rich Osborne

    Life Sciences – Janice Kiugu

    Bartlett – Sam Ahern

    Population Health Sciences – Sean Gainford

    Medical Sciences – Taylor Bennie

    Engineering – Anna Trostnikova

    Brain Sciences – Neil Roberts

    Questions or corrections

    For any questions or amendments to the list, please contact the Teaching Continuity mailbox