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Connected and Blended Learning Hub

A staff resource and community Teams site for inspiration, discussion and debate on how to embrace a connected and 'blended by design' approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

Aim of the hub

The Connected and Blended Learning Hub is a new practical resource to support staff with developing a connected and blended 'by design' approach to teaching, learning and assessment at UCL.

The hub is designed to act as a gateway to ideas and resources that support colleagues to find the right blend of approaches for their own programmes, modules or individual sessions. It is a place to discuss ideas, to debate with colleagues in a safe space, and to be inspired by the work of colleagues across UCL as well as in your own faculties.

Join the community!

The link below will open the Connected and Blended Learning Hub on UCL's Extend platform. You will need to login and enter an enrolment key to view it. 

The enrolment key is Futures.

Join The Connected and Blended Learning Hub

Blended learning in all its manifestations is not new: you may been doing it a long time. The ‘pivot’ online during the pandemic was an incredible effort and resulted in some amazing work, as well as opportunities to develop new skills and insights into what works for your students.  This year, with changing circumstances, is likely to present its own new challenges, not least where hybrid teaching – teaching online and in-person participants simultaneously – is a feature.

The hub is built with varying levels of expertise and experience in mind and on the understanding that disciplines and cohorts differ considerably, as will the departmental approaches for this forthcoming year.

Staff are encouraged to dip into the resources and ideas, contribute to the debates, post questions and share your own resources and recommendations. 

Structure of the resource

The resources are grouped under five themes which can be accessed in any order. Click on each theme below to see what topics are covered by that section. 

Rethinking modes and spaces

• Modes and Spaces

• Changing mindsets

• Physical space

• Digital Spaces

• Modalities and terminology

• Modalities and preferences

• UCL Teaching and Learning: Resources

Compassion, inclusion and wellbeing

• Compassionate approaches and pedagogy of care

• What's your view?

• Engagement, community and collaboration

• Global challenges; global cohorts

• Liberating the curriculum

• Personal Tutoring

Tools for the job: Technology mapping

Tools for Asynchronous learning

• Word cloud

• Platforms

• Moodle

• Extend

• FutureLearn

• Video

• Shooting video

• Editing and sharing videos

• Video training courses

• H5P

Tools for Live Teaching

• Video education poll

• Teams

• Zoom

• Blackboard collaborate

• Mentimeter

• Visualisers

Tools for online assessment

• Assessment UCL

• Moodle assessment

• My Portfolio

• Opinio

• FutureLearn Assessment

• Workshops and Demos

Accessibility tools

Designing learning

• Experiences of approaches to teaching and learning

• Blended by Design: Practical starters

• Asynchronous and Flipped

• Curation and creation for flipped learning

• Synchronous approaches

• Teacher Presence

• Hosting Live sessions in Zoom or Teams

• Designing for employment and industry engagement

• Online labs

Assessment and feedback

• Assessment purposes: your view

• Re-imagining assessment and embedding Universal Design for Learning

• Audio assessment and feedback

• Feedback

• Assessment and Feedback Toolkits from UCL

Within each theme, you will find provocations, ideas, challenges and questions, as well resources curated from across UCL.

Note: If you have very limited experience of blending face to face teaching with using digital technologies, you may prefer to start with the ‘Connected Learning Essentials’ course.

Get involved in the discussion

The hub is not a course! You can dip in and out of the content and dive into the discussion whenever you like. We hope it will be a supportive community – a place to come to share ideas, find inspiration and challenge your own and others’ thinking about blended and connected learning.

Three tools are used in the Hub to stimulate interaction and contribution from education staff across UCL.

  • An MS Teams space is provided for debate, sharing of ideas and for discussion within the wider community. 
  • For discussions with the wider community, there is a Teams Forum.
  • The Hot Questions function is used to provide a quick way to ask a technical or pedagogy- focussed question. You can pose your own hot question or upvote others’ to get input from the community or help with solving a teaching challenge. We’ll use these to build FAQs and to inform future content.
  • Mentimeter polls are used at the start of each theme's book to stimulate thinking, provoke a response and then enable you to see how your thinking compares with colleagues’.


To discuss ideas about teaching, learning, assessment and feedback, please contact the Arena Centre.

To report issues or problems with this site, please contact extend@ucl.ac.uk.