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Alternative labs and practice-based education

Strategies and resources for providing remote alternatives to labs and practice-based operations during Covid-19.

This page will be updated as new content becomes available. Please check it regularly. 

As part of the Teaching and Education Delivery sub-group, a group with membership from across humanities and sciences, as well as representation from UCL Estates and Health and Safety are developing guidance and resources for alternative Labs and Practice-Based provisions online.

This Labs and Practice-Based Education group is also working with estates to develop strategies for physical provision on campus, considering the space, time, people and processes necessary to provide a safe and effective learning experience with the restrictions we are likely to face in the next academic year. 

There are a vast number of educational operations that fit into this category - from Slade students making art, to medical and science students undertaking prescribed experiments on specialist equipment, or team-based design and build projects in Engineering. Detailed information is held at departmental and programme level, and in some cases at module level. In many cases, the nature of the work typically undertaken evolves; it is not prescribed, and innovates year on year. To support this broad range of activity, this page will act as an information hub for Lab and Practice based strategies. We are collecting and highlighting good/best practice, novel solutions, online strategies and other resources, as well as giving guidance to help staff address potential issues in time for Term 1.

Get in touch

If you wish to share ideas or solutions, or you have specific issues that you would like this group to address, please contact Professor John Mitchell (Engineering Faculty) and Professor Bob Sheil (Bartlett Faculty).

Slade summer school staff member

Lab and practice-based education Community of Practice

A space to bring together colleagues that are seeking to offer alternative to their traditional laboratory and practice-based activities either online or through offsite activities.

Pipetting lquid into a multiwell plate

Tailoring Learning Science resources for online lab teaching during the pandemic

Providing bespoke online Learning Science resources to facilitate remote laboratory learning and assessment in a UG Chemistry prorgramme.

Screenshot of online small scale masterclass

Remote workshops and masterclasses: Institute of Making case study

The Institute of Making team give an overview, and pros and cons of running practical consultations, workshops and masterclasses remotely during Covid-19.

Clinical skills teaching from the kitchen

Teaching practical and clinical skills remotely: UCL Clinical Skills team case study

The UCL Clinical Skills team posted resource kits to students to enable synchronous practical procedure teaching during a pandemic.

Students using Labtutor

Moving lab teaching online with LabTutor: UCL Medical School case study

UCL Medical School students working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic are using specialist software to continue analysing real-time data from equipment in the lab.


Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange (B-Made) provides online content for connected learning

B-Made has developed new digital resources, themed by process or material area, to enable students learning remotely during Covid-19. 

Field Trip

Risk assessments for field work

Guidance on safely organising field work during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.