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Labs and practice-based education Community of Practice

A new Community of Practice site on Moodle brings together colleagues offering alternative lab and practice-based education solutions for the 2020-21 academic year.

A new Community of Practice Moodle site aims to link together colleagues that are seeking to offer alternative to their traditional laboratory and practice-based activities either online or through offsite activities.  

Practical activities are a core part of many of the degree programmes at UCL and there is a remarkable spread of activities that fall under this category of teaching activities. We are already seeing many innovative ideas emerging giving students equivalent experiences either online, through take-home kits or alternative activities. 

The new site has been developed by the Lab and Practice-Based Education Group, co-led by Professor John Mitchell (Engineering Faculty) and Professor Bob Sheil (Bartlett Faculty), who are developing guidance and resources for alternative Labs and practice-based provisions online. The Community of Practice supplements the case studies and guidance published on these Education Planning, 2020-21 pages. Each section of the new CoP site includes a forum where hopefully you will find others either facing the same challenges or working on innovative ideas.

The site and new material will be added regularly.

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