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Passing probation and becoming a Senior Fellow of the HEA: Geraldine Brodie

Dr Geraldine Brodie is the convenor of the MA in Translation Theory and Practice in the Centre for Translation Studies within the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry.

Dr Geraldine Brodie

15 March 2017

Which UCL Arena pathway did you follow?

I followed UCL Arena Two to become a Senior Fellow.

What was your motivation?

Obtaining a teaching qualification was a requirement to complete the probationary period of my position of Lecturer, but I have also been interested in the pedagogical aspects of teaching since I first started my teaching career in Further Education for the Workers’ Educational Association.

When I was running the Writing Lab at UCL, I studied the literature for developing student academic writing, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to pursue these interests and obtain a formal qualification through the Arena programme.

What was the most useful element?

The most useful element of Arena Two was the variety of staff that taught, attended and participated in the classes, so I was able to build up a network of colleagues. 

It was very interesting to learn how approaches to teaching and learning across UCL can be adapted for different disciplines.

How has it changed your teaching?

The programme was excellent. It refocused my existing teaching skills and reaffirmed my commitment to student progression and experience. 

I found the application process for the Fellowship especially useful - it helped me to see how much I had done and how relevant and interlinked my experience was. 

What would you say to someone considering working towards a UCL Arena/Higher Education Academy Fellowship?

I would recommend that everybody should consider a UCL Arena Fellowship; there is something to gain at all levels. 

To those who are sceptical about not having enough time, I would say that it is time very well spent – I saw it as an investment in my career, the process is extremely well structured and the support available from workshops through to the application is invaluable. 

If you believe in the importance of learning, why not demonstrate that belief by obtaining a teaching qualification?

See Geraldine featured in a video about gaining Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

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