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Developing my teaching as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant: Calvin Chung

Calvin Chung is a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA) from the UCL Bartlett School of Planning.

Calvin Chung

18 January 2017

What is your role?

I support postgraduate student learning by leading seminars and tutorials and marking assignments for modules on sustainable urban development and mega urban projects. (View Calvin's research profile on the Bartlett website)

Which UCL Arena pathway did you follow?

I followed Arena One to become an Associate Fellow, which was recommended to me by a colleague.  I am also required to undertake basic teacher training. 

What was your motivation?

Firstly, I was motivated by the recognition of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) through the accreditation of the fellowship. 

I was also keen to develop my teaching skills as I had previously taught in Hong Kong and I wanted to ensure that I taught correctly in the context of Higher Education in the United Kingdom. UCL Arena gave me the appropriate opportunity to learn and practice.

What was the most useful element?

The most useful elements of UCL Arena were the five core classes and lectures. 

Arena One provided a platform to meet and network colleagues across UCL with a common objective to improve the way they teach. 

How has it changed your teaching?

UCL Arena has made me more aware of the context in which I am teaching and the social conditions that affect students and this has helped me revaluate my own attitude. 

It has also enabled me to re-focus the way in which I provide feedback to students so they can benefit from it in future assignments. 

What would you say to someone considering working towards a UCL Arena/Higher Education Academy Fellowship?

For early career researchers and teaching staff the opportunity of gaining accreditation is invaluable; the process will help prepare you for when applying for jobs. 

I would also recommend to anyone considering working towards a UCL Arena Fellowship, it's a chance to not work alone and speak with staff who are an invaluable source of support.