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How can you improve the NSS response rate?

Publication date:

nss improvement

We asked three NSS Liaison Officers to reveal their secrets and share their advice

Can first-year undergraduates become researchers?

Publication date:

hazel smith ucl biology research-based education

From designing experiments to writing papers, Dr Hazel Smith explains how first-year Biology students took on the challenge of completing an intensive research project

How to make the most of Moodle

Publication date:

make the most of moodle appearance design

Marie Fournier’s French department students called her Moodle ‘a work of art’. The UCLU Student Choice Teaching Award-winner shares her tips

How to improve students' writing

Publication date:

adam smith essay writing history

Dr Adam Smith's new essay-writing course received 100 per cent positive feedback and led to big improvements. Just don’t call it a skills course

An introduction to internationalising the curriculum

Publication date:

internationalisation of the curriculum introduction

A practical guide to adding an international perspective to taught courses

In order to prepare students to become global citizens, the internalisation of each curriculum is a priority at UCL. Whatever their discipline or level of study, students should gain an international perspective on their subject, on its application and on themselves.

What makes a great CPD course?

Publication date:

LAws Faculty Provost teaching awards 2014 CPD advice and tips

UCL Faculty of Laws delivered the first CPD course to win a Provost’s Teaching Award. Visiting Lecturer Mark Anderson shares his advice on creating engaging and effective CPD sessions

How to keep students engaged - lessons from the UCL Global Citizenship Programme 2014

Publication date:

Shivani Singh global citizenship student engagement

Shivani Singh shares what she learned from leading a voluntary summer school course

Without the carrot of a qualification to dangle before participants, the UCL Global Citizenship Programme has to work extra hard to attract and retain students. One of the chief ways course leaders do that is by developing ever more engaging methods of teaching. And according to the numbers, the hard work is paying off.

Dr Elisabete Cidre sees her students as partners. Here’s why

Publication date:

Elisabete Cidre Moving Narratives student change agents

Provost’s Teaching Award winner Dr Elisabete Cidre invited post-graduate students to create online resources for undergraduates

What I wish I knew before I flipped my lecture

Publication date:

Helen Wilson flipping lecture UCL maths

Lecture flipping helped Dr Helen Wilson, UCL Maths, generate a seven per cent boost in student marks. She offers advice to others keen to try the technique

The supernova story and research-based education

Publication date:

Dr Steve Fossey research-based education supernova discovery

Dr Steve Fossey reveals what he learned about research-based education from the supernova discovery

From Tumblr to Scribus – A digital art project makes the most of free web technology

Publication date:

stand in for a solid digital art project

Dr Cadence Kinsey, UCL History of Art, brought two sets of students together to produce a piece of web-based art using free online tools

Would a student travel 270 miles to write an essay? How video assignments can boost student engagement

Publication date:

video documentaries student assessment

Professor Marcos Martinon-Torres, UCL Archaeology, presents an experiment in video that can easily be transferred to any discipline

Involving students in research is a “win-win”, says Dr Alexandra Perovic

Publication date:

alexandra perovic research-based education

At a UCL Arena Exchange session, Dr Alexandra Perovic, Lecturer in Clinical Linguistics, explained how she works with students on her research projects

Putting research-based education into practice – what we learned

Publication date:

Bernadett Kalmar interactive research-based masterclass ucl arena

Dr Bernadett Kalmar and Dr Barney Bryson have helped their masterclass students design their own research programmes. They shared their findings at a UCL Arena Exchange seminar

How a career in the Navy inspired Dr Paul Bartlett’s latest assessment innovation

Publication date:

Task books navy UCL assessment

Navy-style task books give students more timely feedback, while data retrieval tests help reduce the marking load

How a symposium can be used to assess students’ work

Publication date:

symposium teaching assessment

Judith Hillmore heard Dr Suzanne Ruddy, UCL Molecular Biosciences, tell attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 how her students take part in a realistic symposium as part of their assessed work.

Students prefer tutorial-based teaching, a new study shows

Publication date:

Tutorial teaching

Clare Goudy reports on a study into student attitudes to small-group teaching, presented at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014

What do students want from their personal tutors?

Publication date:

Beatrice Lok personal tutor study

Abbie Willett, Beatrice Lok and Dr Paul Walker, CALT, revealed the top five most valued aspects of personal tutoring to attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 

Do students use feedback or just look at the mark? Dr Pam Donovan set out to find the answer

Publication date:

feedback student ucl

The UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 heard the results of an experiment to explore the myths surrounding student feedback. Clare Goudy reports

Making history with iPads, peer assessment and MyPortfolio

Publication date:

Zubin Mistry UCL Teaching Learning Conference 2014 History iPads

Dr Paul Walker, CALT, and Dr Zubin Mistry, UCL History, presented attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 with a pioneering first-year undergraduate history module. Judith Hillmore reports

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