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An introduction to e-learning

Find out which tools are available to enhance your teaching

'E-learning' describes teaching and learning methods that are supported or facilitated by the use of technology.

This could include accessing teaching resources and activities online; communication tools and multimedia; online assessment; and classroom technologies such as personal response systems and interactive whiteboards.

A key benefit of e-learning is the increased opportunity for dialogue it offers to students and teachers, which in turn enhances the learning experience.

UCL supports a number of technologies to facilitate e-learning. Click the links to find out more about each tool:

A virtual learning environment where course materials can be easily managed and accessed

Allows teachers to record, edit and broadcast their lectures online

Helps lecturers gauge how much students know about a topic and enlivens the student learning experience

An anti-plagiarism tool that scans work against a large database of websites, books, journals and previously submitted papers

An online space where students can store different forms of media, allowing access to as few or as many people as they like

Ideal for long-distance learning, allowing students to watch and participate in teaching sessions in real time

Academics can share their work online for free – something that UCL is committed to doing with all its research.

A joint venture between CALT and E-LE, presenting a series of lunchtime events looking at new e-learning in UCL in which two or three speakers discuss how they've used new technologies in their teaching.


For information, training and support on using UCL's e-learning tools and technologies, contact E-Learning Environments (ELE).

Case Studies - E-learning

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Making history with iPads, peer assessment and MyPortfolio

Dr Paul Walker, CALT, and Dr Zubin Mistry, UCL History, presented attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 with a pioneering first-year undergraduate history module. Judith Hillmore reports

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