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Erasmus mobility funding for staff training

What is the Erasmus scheme?

Erasmus funding allows Higher Education staff to visit other European educational institutions and gain new skills, fresh ideas, make new friends, and come back to the UK equipped with new methods of working. 

Types of mobility

1. Mobility of staff of a higher education institution going to an enterprise to allow them to learn by transfer of knowledge and to acquire practical skills. These activities can be varied and could include seminars, workshops, courses, conferences, practical training, short secondments etc.
2. Mobility of administrative and other non-teaching staff from a higher education institution going to a partner higher education institution for a study visit or job shadowing scheme. This is usually a short stay.
3. Mobility of teaching staff in a higher education institution going to a partner institution for the purpose of receiving training


Can anyone apply?
Where in Europe can I go?
Do I need to seek permission for Erasmus Staff Mobility Training?
How do I decide where to go?
How much information do I need to put into the work plan?
Can I use Erasmus funding to go to a conference in Europe?
Can I use Erasmus Staff Mobility Funding to pay for a course?
What is the minimum length of exchange?
How does the payment work?