World TB Day 2020

Our World TB Day Symposium 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, we are marking World TB Day 2020 with relevant content online here, much of which was part of our planned Voices From the Front-line installation, celebrating people involved in TB  as patients, health care professionals, and community workers. 

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021!

TB and COVID-19

How will COVID-19 affect TB patients and TB control programmes?

TB patients have respiratory problems, and TB control programmes are likely to be massively disrupted by COVID-19.  Watch / listen to three experts discuss the implications.

The TREATS programme

The TREATS project

TREATS is measuring the impact of a ‘universal test and treat’ project called PopART in reducing the prevalence and incidence of TB in Zambia and South Africa.  These findings will help inform new policies and approaches for tackling the TB-HIV epidemic.

The IMPACT programme

The IMPACT Study

Why taking TB treatment may be difficult for some people in the UK, and how health services can work with them to improve this. Here we listen to the experiences of patients and TB health care professionals.

The Joi Hok TB initiative

Joi Hok! TB community awareness in Kolkata

Sreyashi Basu is a new UCL graduate, who has spent the last 9 months energetically setting up a novel TB community awareness initiative in Kolkata, using traditional arts

2020 World TB Day Symposium brochure

Our 2020 World TB Day programme

See the programme of talks and events in our symposium brochure