Pan African Consortium for the Evaluation of Antituberculosis Antibiotics


The consortium brings together a group of scientists from more than 14 countries with skills in clinical trials design and implementation, pulmonology, mycobacteriology, pharmacokinetics, statistics and delivery of clinical service. At UCL the team includes Professor Tim McHugh, director of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology, and Dr Patrick Phillips and Ms Sunita Rehal at the MRC-UCL Clinical Trials Unit.

PanACEA's mission is:

  • To shorten and simplify treatment of uncomplicated pulmonary TB
  • To increase the TB clinical trial capacity in Africa
  • To develop sustainable TB clinical trials network in Africa

At the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), PanACEA, the Pan-African Consortium for the Evaluation of Antituberculosis Antibiotics, presented the results of its most recent phase IIb study (MAMS-TB-01). The most exciting finding from the study is that high-dose rifampicin results in faster killing of TB bacilli during treatment, compared to the current standard treatment. You can read more about this exciting development here.