PreDICT-TB is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) for 5 years from May 2012 and the project led by Professor Tim McHugh, Centre for Clinical Microbiology.

The PreDiCT-TB consortium aims to determine and validate improved methods for pre-clinical drug discovery and development. This will be achieved by integrating multiple in vitro and in vivo models to predict the efficacy of different drug combinations against TB in an aim to identify an optimized decision pathway for the best combination regimens to progress into clinical trials. This a collaborative venture between 22 participants from all around Europe that also includes three pharmaceutical companies. 

The involvement of the UCL team, under the supervision of the Director of the Centre for Clinical Microbiology - Professor Timothy D. McHugh, will assist the consortium in expertise on defining the mutation rates of the new lead molecules and on the genetic mapping of drug resistant phenotypes (Pope et al. 2008; O'Sullivan et al. 2010) by applying both established and new cutting-edge methodologies in genomics and transcriptomics. These technologies will enable the PreDiCT-TB team to define and characterise the mode of action of novel inhibitors, their possible role in the development of drug resistance and their associated fitness cost to the bacteria.

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 (image courtesy of Juan José Vaquero, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)